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While Tom loves to tease, his ladylove shows that two can play that game.

It was early Sunday morning, and I could hear my neighbor running his lawnmower already. He was the kind of man who measured the blades of grass to see if they were even. I’d actually witnessed him once pull out a pair of scissors and trim a spot on his front lawn. I rolled into the warmth of Tom’s arms and sighed.

“Listen to that jackass,” he said with a chuckle. Tom ran his thumbnail back and forth along my shoulder.

I laughed and snuggled deeper into his embrace. The sun was fighting our blackout blinds, but they blissfully stood their ground and kept much of the light at bay. The room was brighter than nighttime but much dimmer than what you’d expect for such a sunny day. I hummed softly as Tom dragged his fingernail down my back and then up to my nape again. I was naked, all of my skin exposed to his teasing touch.

“Then again, the poor guy doesn’t have a sexy woman to linger with in bed. His wife would definitely take the trophy in an ugly contest.”

I snorted and swatted him. “Tom! You’re terrible!”

“What? You know it’s true.”

“She’s like 80.”

“But when you’re 80,” he said, “you’ll still be smoking-hot. I have no doubt. Ugly is ugly. It has nothing to do with age.”

I moved closer and felt the nudge of his hard-on against my body.

He dragged that nail down my back again, but that time he dug deeper, working the muscle. It wasn’t painful, but it made me squirm. The move left me feeling some sort of weird cross between annoyance and arousal. I wriggled in his arms and let out a small cry.


“I hope that didn’t hurt you. Did it?”

“No,” I replied, flexing my back a bit.

He did it again, and again my whole body went haywire, wiggling and jumping. Tom tightened his grip on me and did it once more.

“Oh, my God. Stop,” I gasped unconvincingly. Deep down I wanted more, and he knew it.

I shivered and noticed that his hard-on seemed much more eager all of a sudden. Not just morning wood, but true, undeniable arousal.

“Does it hurt?” He grinned at me.

“No! But it doesn’t feel good, either. Well, not exactly.” I was confused by the sensation, to be honest.

He leered at me and then thrust his hips forward to bump me with his stiff dick, which was straining against his briefs. My own passion had flared, oddly augmented somehow by the scratch-tickle-scrape thing he’d been doing.

“I like to make you squirm,” he said, with his mouth pressed to my earlobe.

That made me squirm even more. My pussy was wet, my heart beating rapidly. The hum-growl-grind of the lawnmower was some kind of primal, rhythmic background music as he flipped me onto my back and spread my legs. He moved down my body and kissed a hot path as he traveled. His hands slid beneath my ass, and he held me there. He licked me, wetting me with his tongue. He sucked my clit hard, and when I hissed, he sucked it harder. His tongue toured my folds, and he paused to nibble at my mound. His teeth were sharp, making me jolt, before he returned to lapping me gently. His fingers slipped inside me, curling softly against my sensitive hot spot until he made me come.

I had my hands buried in his dark hair and his beard tickled my inner thighs.

“Come up, come up,” I begged.

He moved upward to straddle my torso, and I tugged at his gray boxer briefs.

“Off,” I said.

He took them off and resumed his position.

I motioned with my hands, urging him closer to my mouth as I commanded, “Up.”

He obeyed, scooching until his knees bracketed my shoulders. He put his hands against the headboard to steady himself. He pushed his cock against my pout, and I darted my tongue out to lick him. His pre-come was deliciously salty. He moaned and drove past my parted lips. I gave him a suck, drawing on him. He began to fuck my mouth in earnest, driving deeper as he pushed into my throat.

Finally, he let out a growl and pulled free. He covered my body with his, and his cock entered me easily. My pussy was soaking wet and oh-so-ready as he started to rock against me.

I pulled my legs up high and opened my body to him so he could hit me just right and take me where I needed to go. Every thrust drove his pubic bone against my clit. Every rasp of friction inched me closer to coming.

He settled almost his full weight on me, sliding his arm beneath my head as he drove into my clutching cunt. He held me close and moved faster, and then faster still, when he heard my breath catch.

“Come for me, baby,” he murmured.

He thrust gently then, and when his cock hit me just right I came. Honey rushed out of me suddenly as utter bliss exploded within me.

Tom growled and withdrew. He flipped me onto my belly and shoved a pillow beneath me, before knocking my legs wide and driving into me once more.

With only a few hard, deep strokes, he was coming, his cock pulsing within me as he filled me with his hot load.

Tom’s fingers tickled down my back, and I shivered with delight.

“God, I love to watch you squirm.”

Excitement curled through me. Because I love it, too.

I woke up Tuesday morning to Tom pushing his dick against my backside. I squinted at the clock on our tall dresser.

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed when I noticed the time.

“I started to strum my clit as he fucked me with a deliciously brutal intensity.”

“What?” He laughed softly.

“It’s just past seven. You’d better do something with that,” I said of his cock. “Especially now that you’ve gone to the trouble of waking me up with it.”

“Oh, I plan on it,” he said, pinching my butt cheek.

Mid-yawn, I let out a yowl and jerked away from him.

His big arm wrapped around me and tugged me back against his body. My ass was flush with his groin, his unfettered cock riding the cleft between my naked ass cheeks.

“Tom — ”

He pinched me again, and I bucked. But then a sigh escaped my lips, and my pussy grew incredibly damp.

“There she is, dancing in my arms,” he said on a sigh.

I rolled my eyes. Him and his squirming thing. But as his fingers tickled my butt cheek and didn’t actually pinch, I realized how much it turned me on. The suspense. The not knowing. The small things he did that made me shimmy and shake. They all added to my extreme anticipation and then the incredibly hot sex. Well, to be honest sex was always good with Tom, but after this kind of teasing foreplay it was spectacular.

He could tell my mind had drifted. To refocus my attention, his fingers found a sweet spot and pinched. I jolted, but I also moaned with abandon.

“Oh, she likes that, doesn’t she? The little pinches… ” His fingers tickled down my thigh and then over my mound. I steeled myself for the perfectly sharp pain — but he left me hanging. “The little pinches that may or may not come. Sometimes it’s just my fingers teasing you.” His digits skittered up my hips and across my lower back. The sensation was half tickle, half soothing. I felt my body relaxing, despite itself.

Then the pinch came, and I bounced on the bed like a flopping fish. I felt my pulse thump where he’d goosed me — and that beat pounded in my pussy, too.

He flipped me onto my belly roughly then, and grabbed my hips. The fast, animalistic nature of his movements caught me off guard, and I groaned with indecent pleasure. We weren’t prudes in the bedroom, but we were usually more romantic. This was straight-out fucking — and I loved it.

Tom grabbed my hips hard and shoved himself into me. He rocked against my body, not pulling back very far, but driving harshly on each inward stroke. He grabbed my hair and held it tight. He tugged my head back as he thrust his hips forward, and I felt a shimmer of pain flare along my scalp. Not too much, though. It was the kind of pain that amplified my pleasure as he jammed his cock into me just right.

“Touch yourself,” he growled.

I started to strum my clit as he fucked me with a deliciously brutal intensity. Then he slowed down, pulling nearly free of my clutching passage before sharply sinking into me balls-deep. He kept doing that, making me buck each time he bottomed out. I traced eager circles over my clitoris and moved back to take as much of him as I could.

I heard him spit softly and knew what was coming. I waited for it and then felt the brush of his wet thumb against my asshole.

“You like that. I know you do. You like something in both holes.”

“Tom thrust hard into my cunt as I continued to work my clit until I came.”

I squirmed in earnest, eyes shut and fingers flying as I desperately craved that thumb in my ass. I wanted it so much I couldn’t process any other thought. He knew having my asshole played with got me off, and he teased me by doing it often.

Tom massaged my sensitive back hole and thrust hard and fast into my cunt as I continued to work my clit until I came with a bellow. My pussy spasmed around his thrusting shaft, drawing on his dick. He grunted because I was snug in general — or so he’d told me — but he’d also told me when I came my cunt grew impossibly tight.

“There’s my girl. My dirty little girl.”

His voice was husky, and I could tell he was getting close to his own climax. I knew that playing with my asshole and making me come so fast and hard had amped up his pleasure.

“Do it again,” I whispered, knowing damn well I was egging him on. Pushing him toward his own orgasm.

He growled and fucked me faster. He inched his thumb deeper into my ass slowly as I stroked my tender clit. I was so wet the tops of my thighs were drenched.

“Do it!”

He pushed it in fast and groaned like he was dying. His hips pistoned sharply as he fucked me. He was so close to an explosive climax, I had no doubt. But so was I. The feeling of his dick filling my pussy and his thumb breaching my ass was bliss. I was so overwhelmed with pressure and friction and pleasure that I couldn’t focus. My fingers slipped over my clitoris in messy whorls, and I lurched backward, desperate for cock.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered.

I sighed, and then he barked, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Those words sent me over the edge, and my own climax washed over me like a dark wave. I cried out as I came and shivered beneath him as he continued to clutch my hips. We both stopped writhing and disengaged before we collapsed together in a tangle of limbs. I started laughing and turned over to face him. He grabbed me, kissing me fiercely.

“We’ve still got it,” he said.

“Oh yeah. And I can’t wait.”

“Can’t wait?” He cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Yep. Can’t wait to see how you’re going to get me to squirm next time.”

“Is that right?”

I nodded. I knew he’d take those words as a challenge. And a few days later I reaped the delicious rewards.

“Can you come in here?” Tom yelled from the kitchen.

I was spread out on the floor cutting sections for a quilt, and I actually groaned when he requested my presence. I piled the fabric scraps neatly, climbed to my feet and went into the kitchen, ready to grumble.

“Hey, does this hurt any?” he asked, quickly wrapping an arm around me and tugging me against his chest. He swatted my butt with what I’d guessed to be a wooden spoon. It hit me full on the ass cheek, and my thin leggings offered no comfort or protection. He hit me again, and I let out groan and shivered in his arms.

“Oh, that makes you squirm, doesn’t it?”

The moment he said the word I felt my pussy go wet. I was getting to the point of being trained to get wet on command. The moment he said “squirm,” I was nearly ready to be fucked.

“No,” I answered. But I was lying, and we both knew it.

“Are you sure?” He did it again, and I quaked. “It seems to… ”

He laid down one more stroke of the spoon, and then pushed his hand down into my pants. His fingers glided easily over my clit. I froze and let him stroke me. His mouth pressed against my earlobe, his hot breath making goosebumps all over my body.

“See that? How wet you are? All I have to do is make you squirm and shiver and shake...” He pushed a thick finger inside me and curled it. “Just a little bit. And then you’re wet and ready, and I can fuck you like nobody’s business.”

I found I was nodding mindlessly as he spoke. I agreed with every word Tom said because he was stroking me, fucking me with his fingers and trapping me against him.

I tilted my hips and squeezed my pussy around his fingers. I sighed when he kissed the back of my neck and then nipped me with his teeth. I wriggled madly, and when he turned me in his arms and kissed me, I collapsed against him, parted my lips and took his tongue as he thrust it against mine.

His lips were soft and warm, and his hands slid along my hips and ass. He dropped the wooden spoon on the floor, and it clattered, making me jump. He chuckled.

“You like when I jump?” I asked, smiling.

He cupped my ass in his hands and hauled me to him. I felt the press of his erection against the cleft of my pussy lips.

“I like when you jump. I like when you wiggle. I like when your eyes go wide and you make that surprised noise and you breathe harder.”

He pushed my leggings down, and I stepped out of them.

“I like anything that makes your cheeks go rosy and your pupils dilate,” he said.

He pushed my panties down and then motioned for me to raise my arms. When I did, he tugged my tee over my head. I was bare beneath, and he grunted. He hefted one heavy breast in his hand and then leaned forward to suck my nipple. He drew hard on the pink tip, and I felt the tug of it in my belly and lower still, in my pussy. I sighed and let my head tip back.

“I like anything that gets you wet and ready, love.” He murmured the words against my skin as he kissed a path across my chest to my other nipple. Then he used his teeth, and I gasped. He laughed, his hot breath washing over me. “Like that.”

His hand cupped my pussy, and he squeezed. I felt the thump and bang of my pulse beating wildly in my clit.

“His voice was husky, and I could tell he was close to his own climax.”

“Like that,” I said lunging forward.

He walked me backward toward the kitchen counter and put his hands on my hips. “Up you go, lovely lady.”

When he lifted, I hopped, and he set me down fairly gently on the counter. Then he looked me in the eye as he unbuttoned his jeans and his cock sprang free.

“I have something to make you squirm,” he said, raising an eyebrow as he teased me.

I laughed. I couldn’t help it, but my pussy was so wet and ready it was nearly unbearable.

He grabbed my hips and squeezed hard. I moaned, knowing what was coming. He dragged me forward to the lip of the counter and pushed his cock against my wet entrance. But he didn’t enter me.

“Jesus, Tom — ”

“Shh,” he said. He pushed forward slowly, his cock just barely entering me. Just the tip.

I chewed my lower lip and tried not to whimper. I failed when he thrust forward very slowly and pushed into me another inch.

I gritted my teeth and tried to hold myself still, tried to focus on my breathing, tried to be Zen. I failed when he reached up and brushed his fingertips over my nipple.

I whimpered, I wriggled, I looked at him and craned my neck forward, kissing him desperately.

“Please,” I said. “Please fuck me.”

He groaned, and that was that. His fingers dug into my ass as he drove into me. I perched there on the edge of the counter as he slid in and out of me — easily and fluidly. I was soaking wet and so eager. His cock glided with ease.

I tossed my head, and my tousled locks tickled my bare back. Tom licked a hot line up my throat, then nibbled that same trail. When I sighed, he nipped me hard, and I came, my pussy milking his driving dick.

“There we go,” he said. “There’s my girl.”

His thumb found my clit, working it as he continued to fuck me. He slowed his rhythm, and transfixed, he watched his dick thrust in and out of me, swirling his thumb over my swollen button.

My own pleasure began to build again as I watched him watching us.

“You feel so good,” I murmured, knowing that would set him off. “Your big cock filling me up. The way you touch me. You feel so fucking good.”

His pace increased, and he moaned, a deep intense sound. He rubbed my clit, and his other hand clenched my hips as his pelvis continually rocked against me.

“I can’t hold it together. I feel like I’m going to explode.” I whispered it in his ear, and he made another rough sound, bucking against me.

“Fuck,” he said.

“Does this make you squirm?” I asked, squeezing him with my pussy muscles.

He laughed but never broke his rhythm. “You know damn well it does.”

He thrust deep, and his cock hit the perfect place inside me. His thumb pressed my clit with the pressure I needed, and I drove forward to meet him, eager for more.

“Come with me,” I moaned.

“Fuck,” he muttered through gritted teeth.

“I’m coming,” I cried as the beautiful spasms hit me.

“Baby,” was all Tom managed to say before he jerked against me and climaxed.

I wrapped my arms around him and bit his earlobe. Then I whispered, “See, I can make you squirm, too.”