Side Hustle

Side Hustle

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A few weeks ago my wife, Miranda, announced she’d gotten a part-time job.

Not being a very inquisitive guy, I congratulated her and moved on. The extra money was nice, and I didn’t feel a need to ask questions.

Then one night a bunch of guys from work invited me to join their buddy’s bachelor party. Since they had been excitedly jabbering about a live sex show all day, I didn’t need much convincing. Miranda was working that night anyway, so there was no real reason I needed to be home.

After work, we hit the lounge the guys had rented for the night. The space was small with plenty of leather armchairs all circled around a single center platform. The stage was covered in a thick bed of comforters. A bunch of pillows lay scattered across the top. Above the platform hung a massive glittering chandelier, which cast a soft golden glow. The only other light came from the votive candles flickering on the side tables that dotted the room.

A busty redhead trussed up in a tight corset top stood behind the bar, smiling easily at each of us as we toasted the groom with the shots of scotch she had at the ready for us. Once the back-pounding and congratulations had stopped, she addressed us.

“Good evening, gentleman,” she purred. “I’ll be here to serve you throughout the evening, should you require anything wet. If you’ll leave your drink orders with me now, you can take a seat and get ready to enjoy the show.”

After relaying our various preferences, we each settled down into the plush armchairs circling the platform. I ended up with a front-row seat near the groom.

Within moments the lights near the bar dimmed, while those of the chandelier grew brighter. A door behind me clicked open, then two women brushed past me.

They crawled onto the center platform, both with their backs to me. Of course, what I could see was already making my cock twitch: a voluptuous brunette wearing a silky pink kimono that highlighted her hourglass figure and a willowy blonde who was clad in a long, sheer black robe.

The ladies settled into a pile of pillows, still denying me a good glimpse of their faces. Then the blonde turned, and I swear my heart stopped. Looking back at me was my wife! Our eyes locked. She tried to appear calm, but her wide-eyed stare betrayed her panic.

My mind quickly mulled over what to do. Though I was shocked, I definitely wasn’t angry. I had no intention of calling out my wife. To be honest, the idea of watching Miranda fuck another woman was pretty thrilling. The fact that a room full of strangers could look, but not touch, while I would get to fuck this woman later only added to the thrill.

Miranda didn’t have anything to worry about. To reassure her, I offered a slow wink and she smiled. Then I settled deeper into my seat and prepared to relax and enjoy the show.

By now a fresh tumbler of scotch had appeared on the table by my side. I took a mouthful of the rich liquor and let it roll over my tongue. Nothing had even happened yet, and already I was anticipating the release I would experience later when I finally got to fuck my wife — the sex star.

The ladies onstage introduced themselves to the audience. My wife gave her name as Roxanne, and her friend called herself Desiree. After assuring the men that masturbation wasn’t only acceptable, but enthusiastically encouraged, both women slipped out of their robes.

Miranda arranged herself so I had a perfect view. Reclining in the pillows, she parted her legs to reveal her glistening pink pussy.

Desiree slid her hands from Miranda’s ankles to her thighs, spreading my wife’s legs even wider. She hovered over Miranda, playful nipping at her inner thighs.

Then Desiree straddled my wife’s chest, facing the crowd and using her thumbs to part the lips of Miranda’s pussy. 

“Oh, Roxanne — you’re dripping wet,” Desiree cooed. “Is it because of all these hot, horny men watching you?”

Miranda loudly moaned, “Yes.”

I knew my wife — I could tell from her voice she was speaking the truth. My cock twitched in my pants.

Desiree landed a sharp slap on Miranda’s pussy, making my wife’s body jerk. Pinning the audience with a sly grin, Desiree purred, “Well then, let’s get you off and give them a show.”

Desiree’s finger slid between Miranda’s sticky folds. The glossy evidence of her arousal slickened her swollen lips and made my mouth water. I could practically taste her juices, that musky sweetness I crave.

I hadn’t noticed earlier, but at the edge of the blankets was a bowl of fruit. Desiree pulled a large banana from the bowl, peeled it and sheathed the bottom half with a condom. Before I could fully grasp what was happening, the thick, ripe banana was inside my wife’s pussy, with only an inch or so visible. Desiree circled her fingers over Miranda’s clit, and my cock felt like it was going to burst out of my pants.

Miranda squirmed and began to close her legs, causing Desiree to slap her thigh and scold her.

“These boys want to see your cunt. Don’t you dare block their view!”

My moaning wife spread her legs wide once again, bucking her hips upward in her desperation. Desiree smirked and began rubbing my wife’s clit with more urgency.

Miranda was whimpering helplessly at this point. Desiree leaned forward to suck on the bit of fruit jutting from my wife’s pussy, then circled her tongue around the tip like it was a tiny little cock.

“I wanted to watch my wife fuck another woman while I got sucked off.”

Desiree sat up and returned her fingers to Miranda’s clit, rubbing her more roughly than I would have ever attempted. I could tell my wife was totally unhinged. She was oh-so-close to coming.

Miranda shouted as she climaxed, and the pressure from her spasming cunt muscles squished the ripe banana, pushing sweet goo out of her snatch — and naughty Desiree lapped up every bit. It was bizarre, dirty and totally hot — even more so because my wife was taking part in this debauchery.

Pulling the condom with the remnants of the banana from Miranda’s pussy, Desiree planted a light kiss on her mound before moving up to give her a peck on her lips.

“That was perfect, baby doll,” Desiree purred, before their kiss rapidly grew more intense. “Mmm, but I think we can put that tongue to better use.”

Miranda smiled as Desiree faced the audience to ask, “What do you say, gentlemen — do you want to see Roxanne lick my clit?”

Every other guy started hooting and hollering, but I sat frozen, desperately waiting for the moment I would see my wife eat another woman’s pussy.

“Okay, but only if she asks me real nice.” Desiree caressed Miranda’s cheek. “Baby, do you want to lick my pussy?”

Her voice breathy and needy, Miranda whispered, “Yes, please.”

Desiree teased her. “What’s that? I’m not sure I heard you.”

“Yes, Desiree. Please let me lick your pussy!”

My wife looked as desperate as she sounded, the tone in her voice making my cock absolutely ache.

Desiree positioned herself on all fours, with her pussy tilted toward the guest of honor, giving us a good view of Miranda’s tongue-work.

I heard a moan come from my left. I glanced over to see the bartender grinding against the groom’s lap. A closer look revealed she wasn’t giving him a lap dance — she was full-on fucking him! And she was moaning like it was the best sex she’d ever had!

As I started to turn away, the bartender grabbed my wrist and pulled me in front of her. Toying with the zipper of my pants, she looked up at me and said, “I love to have a dick in my mouth when I come.”

Right at that moment, Miranda shouted out, “Yes!”

I instinctively knew she was giving me permission. But I didn’t want to miss the show! Call me greedy, but I wanted to watch my wife fuck another woman while I got sucked off. I’d be damned if I missed a moment.

Luckily, the groom was looking out for me. He bent the redhead forward and swivelled his chair so we could both see the stage. Not even a fuck and blowjob could distract us from the wild women mere feet away.

But, damn, that scotch-slinger worked my dick like a pro. She swirled her tongue from base to tip, then took me in till I hit the back of her throat. The groom pumped his hips, pounding the chick’s pussy and making her moans vibrate against my dick.

Meanwhile, Desiree’s moans grew louder as she urged Miranda on, saying, “That’s right you greedy girl, eat me.”

Her words sent a jolt of electricity straight to my balls. I rammed my cock into the barmaid’s mouth, repeatedly hitting the back of her throat. Then I turned my attention back to the stage just in time to see Desiree squirt all over my wife’s face.

Miranda was slurping up the liquid coursing from Desiree’s pussy. My balls grew tight, and heat surged through my dick. The second before I blew, I slid myself from the bartender’s mouth and shot hot my load all over her pretty face.

When I looked back at Miranda, she and Desiree were leaving the stage. We caught each other’s eye for a moment, and she winked at me. I couldn’t wait to meet her at home.