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My hubby is in the National Guard, so every month he spends a weekend with his unit.

I’m very proud of him serving our country, but we have a very active sex life and spending weekends alone without cock is just not something I’m willing to do. With his blessing, I go on weekend trips to have flings so I don’t have to deprive myself when he’s off training.

Last spring, when the university kids were doing their thing, I decided I’d head to a sunny destination and lasso myself a college boy. I’d just turned 35, but you wouldn’t know it. I keep my body in great shape, and I’ve been blessed with an above average pair of boobs. When I put on an itsy-bitsy bikini, all I have to do is stand still and the boys usually come running.

This year, I headed down to Cabo San Lucas, where some friends lent me their timeshare. I hit the beach first thing to scope out the action, and there was plenty. The boys all stared, but no one approached me. That happens occasionally; some guys can be intimidated by a hot chick. That was okay, though, as I wasn’t quite ready and wanted to work on my tan first.

That night I hit one of the bars, and liquor made the boys braver. Finding a college guy to fuck on spring break is like shooting a fish in a barrel. I had my pick.

Eventually, my gaze fell upon one particular young man. He wasn’t beefcake, but more of the stereotypical academic type. He was tall, thin and lanky, which I’ve found usually translates to having a big cock. He was standing by the jukebox, looking through the selections and holding a beer, looking like he didn’t have a care in the world.

I sauntered over to him and suggested, “Play me a song.”

He looked up, startled. “Um, okay, sure. What would you like to hear?”

I may have shown my age by picking Nickelback. He popped in a few quarters, and music began to play.

I introduced myself.

“Hi, Elsie. I’m Ezra,” he said, shaking my hand. He was so cute, with his glasses and his overgrown haircut.

We chatted a bit. He told me he came down with some friends but wasn’t much of a partier. He had a girlfriend back home, so he wasn’t trying to get laid, he explained.

“That’s funny,” I said. “I have a husband at home, but I am trying to get laid. You want to come back to my place?”

Ezra’s eyes got wide for a second. I imagined he was making a judgment on whether he should pass up the chance of a lifetime. He decided to go for it.

We got in a cab, and as we sat in the backseat, I rubbed his cock through his pants. He seemed embarrassed by my aggressiveness, and I laughed out loud. By the time we’d gotten out of the taxi, he’d pitched a tent in his cargo pants. Nobody cared, though, except for me; it was a pretty big tent.

When we got inside, I suggested a shower. I told him to take off his clothes, and I watched him while sitting on the bed. His face was red as he stripped down. His body was as white as a sheet, but for a skinny guy he had decent muscle tone. He took down his underwear and revealed a nice, long cock that let me know I’d be in for a good time.

When he was naked, it was my turn to strip. I skinned out of my clothes, and Ezra couldn’t take his eyes off my tits. They are my best feature, after all, and he was rightly transfixed. I walked up to him and pressed my nipples against his chest. I reached down and grabbed his cock, giving it a few tugs. Then we headed into the shower.

We got under the warm spray, and I soaped up his dick and basically drove him out of his mind. I didn’t want him to come yet, so I backed off and told him to scrub me down. He ran his soapy hands all over my boobs, and then worked his way down my stomach and touched my pussy. I gave him the go-ahead, and he rubbed his fingers along my snatch, grazing my clit and making me moan.

We dried each other off and headed to bed. I had to have that cock. I put him on his back and took his erect shaft between my lips. I caressed his balls while I sucked him, and he groaned helplessly. Since he was such a young guy, I figured he had a few good loads in him, so I picked up the tempo. I orally worshiped his dick until he squirted a massive load down my throat. I swallowed it all without losing a single drop.

I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs. Ezra didn’t need any prompting. Grinning like a kid in a candy store, he zeroed in on my cunt, which was ready for action. He wasn’t exactly subtle, skipping my belly and thighs and heading straight for my snatch. I didn’t mind; his tongue was very skilled. He ran it up and down my slit and knew enough not to put too much pressure on my clit. He had a gentle touch and gave my button glancing licks. He made my arousal soar higher without being too clumsy or rough, like some guys his age have been in the past.

In no time I was ready to come, and when I did, he held my hips tight and kept lapping at me while I came all over his handsome face.

The two of us relaxed in a stupor for a while before kicking off round two. I was running my fingers along his chest, when he decided to straddle my chest. My shy boy had gotten bold, placing his dick between my hefty tits.

I pushed my babies together so he could give me a nice titty-fuck. His cock was so long he almost hit me in the chin as he thrust between my melons. I was afraid he was going to come again, so I grabbed his cock and said, in no uncertain terms, “Fuck me — now!”

He was a good boy and obeyed me. I spread my legs wide, and he climbed atop me, slipping his cock inside my wet cunt without hesitation. His dick fit nicely inside me, and he started with slow strokes, building speed with each successive thrust. Before long, he was banging me hard, exactly the way I like to be plowed.

I sensed him getting ready to come, but I didn’t want that yet. I ordered him on his back and rode him cowgirl, with my big tits hanging in his face. Like he was playing some kind of dirty carnival game, he tried to get a nipple in his mouth as my tits jiggled and swayed in front of his face.

I knew the poor kid couldn’t hold out much longer, but I wanted him to do me doggy-style. Ezra agreed to that, and in seconds, he was mounting me from behind and pounding me good. His boldness continued as he grabbed my hair and smacked my ass while he drilled me from behind. I was in la-la land; it felt so good. He cried out and came inside me, and I felt him fill me up with jet after jet of hot goo.

At first, I didn’t know if Ezra had another hard-on in him, but I’ve learned to never underestimate college-age men. He sucked on my tits for a little while, and his cock grew firm once again. I sucked on him some more to get him fully hard. I rolled over on my stomach, put a pillow underneath my hips and asked, “You want to put it in my ass?”

“He was in my ass to the root, and my mind floated on a cloud of bliss.”

He admitted he had never done that before. I told him where to find the lube — I’d never go on this type of spring-break trip without it — and he lathered up his dick and my butt hole. My hubby fucks me in the ass on special occasions, and I love it. He’s got a fat cock, though, while Ezra’s long and skinny erection was just perfect for butt-fucking.

Ezra took it nice and slow, pressing his slickened cockhead against my anus and popping it in. Once I grew accustomed to his prick, he began screwing me in a nice rhythm. Each time he advanced, his dick went farther up my chute. I very vocally encouraged him to keep going because it felt great. Finally, I could tell he was in my ass to the root, and my mind floated on a cloud of sexual bliss.

For the first time in my life, I came from ass-fucking alone, without my hands touching my pussy. It felt like my head was spinning, and I tingled from scalp to toes. Ezra was panting and groaning, and announced to the world quite loudly that he was going to come in my ass — and then he promptly did.

I rolled over, and his semen oozed out of my butt. I was totally spent. I told him he could stay the night if he wanted. He was pretty wiped out, so he nodded wordlessly before nodding off. We fell asleep on top of the blankets, naked, with the lights still on. I awoke sometime in the wee hours and noticed he had another hard-on. I chuckled to myself and began stroking it. He grumbled, snuffled and moved a bit, making it easier for me to take him in my mouth. He woke up the moment before I sucked him between my lips, savoring him as if his dick were an all-day sucker. He came, and then we both dozed off again.

Ezra and I hung out the next day, and his buddies looked on enviously as we splashed around in the ocean together. I overheard one guy ask him, “Where’d you find the cougar?”

We spent night two in further erotic revelries, and by the time I flew home the next day my pussy and asshole were sore, and my jaw was aching.

That didn’t stop me from being ready for my husband when he came home. I greeted him with a martini in one hand, completely naked — save for a butt plug in my ass. It was a special occasion, after all.