Roller Sex

Roller Sex

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I wanted to show the hot new skater on our roller derby squad who was boss.

Or maybe I just wanted her. Or both.

Mina was a taut and muscular redhead, but she was so nimble on the track she made skating look like ballet. Not that she wasn’t an aggressive blocker or a brutal jammer. She was the star of our team and performed both those roles admirably. I had to give it to her.

But I also wanted to give her my tongue in her pussy and a finger up her tight asshole. I wanted to maul her perky tits and ride her sassy mouth until I was pouring my juice all over her face.

Roller derby isn’t for the timid. Our ragtag group of college girls took a lot of pride in the sport. I’d been doing it for two seasons while I juggled a full load of classes at the university, and I’d emerged as one of the best players. But Mina, with her spiky red hair and impish leer, seemed to take pleasure in showing me up at practice.

We skated on a flat track, in one of the big gymnasium buildings on campus. One day at practice I was determined to keep up with Mina, to outperform her in fact. We all hit the track in our skating gear, including knee pads and elbow pads. We wore snug sports pants and jerseys—except for Mina. Instead of pants, she was wearing bikini bottoms that gripped her tight butt so close I could plainly see the sweet crack of her ass outlined against the fabric.

I was in great physical condition, without an ounce of fat on my toned body. I skated like I’d been born to it, able to maneuver and hit the track’s curves at high speed.

Practice meant repetition, just running through all the moves over and over again. Round and round that track. Mina kept hopping out directly ahead of me.

Every time she was in front of me, she waggled that backside, teasing and taunting me. Some of the other girls on the squad seemed aware of it, too. They snickered. I got more and more pissed off, even though the sight of that taut behind also made my mouth water.

Mina looked back and wagged her tongue at me. I put on a burst of speed and caught up. I knocked into her, but she kept her balance and bumped me back. We did that all the way around the track, stopping just short of fisticuffs.

Finally, the practice session ended, and the other women left for the showers and whatever else they had to do that day. I didn’t have any more classes. My blood was still up. I’d figured on following Mina into the showers and doing...well, I wasn’t quite sure what. I liked looking at her when she was soapy and wet. I had some vague fantasy about wrestling her down onto the shower tiles and climbing naked on top of her.

But she stayed on the track, so I did, too. Now it was just the two of us. The sounds of our skates were ghostly in the empty building. I figured we would resume our roughhousing play, which was actually good practice.

Mina jumped out ahead of me yet again, and I was staring at that ripe little butt of hers. She turned her head and gave me a devilish grin. Then she tugged on the side tie of her bikini bottoms, and suddenly the little pennant of cotton was flapping behind her.

Instinctively, I grabbed it in midair. My eyes bugged. Bare-assed, she skated on. As she went into the turn, she lifted her muscled arms and peeled the jersey off herself. Her firm tits bounced lusciously as she came around the curve.

Fiery heart-racing desire tore through me. I couldn’t believe how hot that little bitch looked in nothing but skates and protective gear. Her ass flexed, her limbs moved like oiled machine parts. My pussy flowed with needy dampness. I raised her bikini bottoms to my face and inhaled her scent deeply. Mina grinned at that and put her hands on her tits, squeezing the pert flesh, tweaking her own nipples.

I sucked on the crotch of her bikini bottoms, getting a faint taste of pussy, then tossed them away. I wanted the real thing. The time for games was over. I cut across the center of the playing field, stopping directly in front of her.

Mina, still grinning, veered toward the padded benches where players sat when they weren’t on the track. She glided over, turned and sat, spreading her legs and showing me her sweet hairless pussy.

Shivering with anticipatory lust, I skated over. I dropped to one knee to unlace    my skates.

“No,” Mina said. “Leave your skates on, like me.”

I felt a rush of arousal. I don’t know why that idea turned me on so much. Maybe we shared some weird fetish known only to roller derby players. But Mina’s eyes glittered hungrily as I removed my jersey, then carefully worked my stretch pants off over my skates.

I was still kneeling before the padded bench where Mina sat with spread legs. I leaned forward to kiss her. Before I could reach her, she grabbed my face in both her strong hands and mashed her mouth savagely against mine.

It was a fierce kiss. She pressed my lips hard against my teeth. I met her tongue with mine. I took hold of her shoulders, feeling the sweat on her skin. A tantalizing aroma rose from her body, a smell of exertion and arousal. I still had the faint taste of her pussy in my mouth from sucking on her bikini bottoms. Now was time for the true flavor of her.

I grabbed her tits and squeezed, as she did the same to me. My nipples were fiercely hard, and she pinched them, twisting the sensitive buds until I cried out with pleasure. I bent and licked her throat. Then I sucked her tit, closing my teeth on the stiff nipple. Her hands raked through my blonde hair, pulling me tighter against her.

“Her flavor stung me, and I quested deeper, scooping the honey out.”

I kissed my way down her flat belly. She slouched back onto the bench, thrusting her pussy outward. I lowered my mouth hungrily toward it. Her lips were glistening. Her hips were already bucking as I swiped my tongue up the slit, getting that first electric taste of her cunt and feeling pleasure burn within me.

Licking deeper, I felt her clit pulsing against my tongue. She humped against my face. Her hands caught my hair again, and she jammed herself on my mouth. All the aggression we’d shown on the track had neatly translated itself into urgent desire.

Slurping and lapping, I brought her to the brink of a climax, then I slipped a finger up into her quivering asshole. I buried it deep, using her over-flowing pussy juices for lube. Mina went crazy. She thrashed on the bench, letting out a wild cry of ecstasy.

She pumped her hot sauce into my eager mouth. Her asshole squeezed my finger like a fist. Slowly, I slid it out of her and stood up, meaning to mash my streaming pussy against her face. But again she beat me to the punch, like we were still competing.

Mina seized my trim hips, spun me in a 180 on my skates and pulled apart my ass cheeks. I felt her warm wet tongue on my asshole and let out a yelp of surprise and happiness. I bent forward, resting my palms on my knee pads. I thrust my butt back against her mouth and let the sweet bitch rim me.

Pleasure consumed my body, and gooseflesh stood out on my arms. As she tongued my dark hole, her fingers slipped up between my legs. She caressed my pussy lips, parting them, while I shivered with growing sexual joy. She delved inside me and stroked my throbbing clit.

I grunted like a barbarian and came furiously. Sensations rippled outward from both my holes, filling my being with bliss. Sweat dripped off the end of my nose, and every muscle and tendon in me buzzed with delight.

Turning around, I found Mina panting. Her eyes sparkled, and I saw she’d fingered herself to another climax with her free hand while she was doing me.

“Lay down,” I told her. “I’m on top.” She could make of that what she wanted. I wasn’t so interested right now in our game of domineering trackmanship. I just wanted to taste her again as quickly as possible.

She lay back lengthwise on the padded bench. I climbed up and lay down in the opposite direction on top of her body. I’d never been in a 69 with anybody wearing roller skates. It was luridly exciting, like we were half-mechanical somehow.

I put my head down between her outspread legs, this time taking her delectable cunt from above. Mina closed her hands over the firm swells of my   ass and drew my pussy to her mouth and tongue.

We started our mutual muff munch.

Her hairless slit parted for the avid rudder of my tongue. I smeared my nose in her wetness. Her flavor stung me again, and I quested deeper, scooping the honey out of her and savoring it as I swallowed.

She’d drawn up her legs, and her skates were on either side of my head. I had her skull locked in with my skates in similar fashion. I could smell the faint odor of burned rubber off her wheels and caught a whiff of her leather laces as I continued to slurp at her pussy.

Her tongue stabbed up into me, and my hips jerked helplessly. I ground my cunt down on her open mouth, and she impaled me all the deeper, occasionally nibbling delicately on my clit, which sent waves of rapture through me. I moaned blissfully against her pussy. Her juices covered the lower half of my face.

Mina was quaking underneath me, and I was bucking madly on top of her. At virtually the same instant, we each let loose our final spill of joy juice—out of the pussy, into the mouth, like we were carefully trading equal quantities of the precious stuff. Pleasure spun me, and I felt like we were still going around the track, the endless circle. I whirled and whirled through that crazy orgasm.

Then Mina was slipping out from beneath me. Dazed, I felt her tugging on my arm. I slipped up onto my skates, the balance as natural as ever.

She grinned at me with her wet mouth. She said, “One more time around?”

And around the track we went, hand-in-hand and buck-ass naked, skater sisters forever.