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Pretty Pictures

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When the handsome man with the distinguished gray in his hair started to turn away, I surreptitiously snapped his picture with my phone and sent it to my hubby.

Then I put the device to my ear and asked him: “What do you think?”

As always, this was an exciting game.

I was still amazed at the technology that let me transmit the image straight to George’s phone, where he could view my latest potential fling from a thousand miles away. My husband and I both travel for our jobs. “When we’re away, we’re allowed to play” has been the motto of our immensely happy — and open — marriage for almost 20 years.

“Hmmm.” George sounded dubious. “I think you can do better, Karina.”

I chuckled. I was in the hotel’s bar, and with the convention, it was full of all kinds of men.

The particulars of our game had evolved over the years. George and I had made space for extramarital sex from the very start of our marriage. Limiting the outside sexual fun to when we were away from home worked for us. It avoided any uncomfortable situations with clingy lovers.

But we still liked to share our adventures with one another. In the old days we used to just describe our flings. Later, George got the idea of taking along a camera in order to bring back a photo. Now with cell phones we could almost participate in one another’s escapades.

I looked around the crowded bar some more, picked another guy roughly my age and snapped a picture.

A few seconds later George made an exasperated sound. “No! Come on, Karina. Grab yourself somebody young. I bet the place is full of studs in their 20s, eager for an experienced woman to show them what good sex is all about.”

My hubby and I were both past 40. I was still fantastically attracted to him, but maybe it would be fun to romp with a 20-something. The question was: Would a younger man be interested in me?

As if sensing my thoughts, George said encouragingly, “You’re probably the hottest gal there. Guys are checking you out right and left. They’re drooling in their cocktails over you.”

I grinned, and then I noticed a man gazing directly at me. When I met his eyes, he looked away quickly, embarrassed. I took a picture and sent it.

“Now you’re talking!” George crowed. “Go get him!”

I pocketed the phone and started over toward the man. He was young-looking and handsome, with a firm build. He smiled shyly as I approached.

“Hi,” he said, a little wide-eyed. “I’m sorry if I was staring.”

“What’s to be sorry about?” I said, giving him a smoldering smile. I had maintained my shape through exercise and was confident in my body, but age had seasoned my face. I hoped to hell I wasn’t making a fool out of myself with this man who couldn’t be a day over 25.

We chatted. His name was Ken. He seemed nervous. I gradually moved closer to him, until our bodies brushed in the jammed bar. He flinched nervously, but I pressed right against him, going for broke. I was relieved when I felt the swell of his aroused cock in his slacks.

I worked a sly hand between us and grazed the bulge with my fingertips. He sucked in a tight breath.

“You want to go upstairs?” I asked.

Ken’s head jerked in a nod. We made our way out and to the elevator. On the ride up, I pulled him to me and mashed my mouth against his, our tongue clashed as we kissed greedily. I felt my pussy flowing with need. His body was firm and muscular, and his hard-on was amusingly conspicuous.

We burst into my room, still clutching at one another. We stumbled toward the waiting bed. My pulse was racing, and my body tingled with anticipation.

Ken abruptly stopped and took a step back. Nervous hesitation returned to his finely molded face.

“What?” I panted, eager to tear his and my clothes off.

He pointed at my left hand. “You’re married, right? Are you certain you want to do this?”

I looked at my wedding ring, then burst out laughing. He didn’t seem to know how to take that. Quickly, I got out my phone, explaining the situation. I thought it was rather sweet that he was reluctant to fuck a married woman.

I shoved the cell phone at him. He took it and spoke to George for a few seconds, then handed it back with a grin.

“That’s an amazing arrangement you have with your husband.”

“It works for us,” I said, and then I pounced on him.

We tangled at the foot of the bed, making a sexy comedy of getting undressed. Our hands were everywhere. I explored his tight young body as it became bare. He seized my breasts, plucking at my stiffened nipples, while I groped his ass. Together, we climbed naked onto the bed.

Our mouths met once again. The kiss was intense but slower and more searching this time. Our tongues parried and melded. His strong arms held me, and I felt the humming vitality of him. Muscles stood out in their nicely defined groups on his body.

I reached down and took hold of his cock. It throbbed in my hand, the veiny meat as hard as a diamond drill. I gave him a few leisurely pumps, and he moaned into my mouth. I moved down to kiss his throat, feeling his quickened pulse on my lips. Working farther south, I planted soft kisses on his pecs. When I gave one of his nipples a playful flick with my tongue, he murmured a soft laugh.

He rolled onto his back as I continued my determined downward explorations. I trailed my tongue tip through the tight divot of his navel. His muscular thighs moved apart as I settled my body between them. His hard cock reared up before my face.

I took hold of his shaven balls, feeling them stir. Up close, I could actually see his organ pulse. I aimed his cockhead toward my mouth and, with just the gentlest pressure, let the tip of my tongue graze his swollen crown.

Ken cried out. I flicked his slit, picking up a dewdrop of pre-come. The salty flavor sent shivers of lust through my body. I swirled my tongue around his head until it shone with my spit, then I closed my lips around him and started to swallow him.

His taste filled my senses. I caressed him with my tongue as the seal of my lips moved downward. Without even a grunt of effort I took him into my throat, swallowing him down to the hilt and making him groan with pleasure.

“I wrapped my legs around his waist. He fucked me harder, pounding me.”

I lifted and dropped my mouth on him, deep-throating him every time. I applied a firm suction and gently kneaded his balls. Spit ran out of the corner of my mouth, but I never broke the circle of my soft lips on his hard member.

Before long, he jerked underneath me. I heard him cry out, “Wait!” Then his come was flowing freely into my mouth. Far from pulling off him, I kept my mouth in place, drinking every spurt of his cream.

When I straightened up, he looked somewhat embarrassed again.

“Sorry,” he said. “It’s just… no woman has ever sucked me like that.”

I lay back, savoring the taste of his come and feeling content to give him a free pass for the rest of the night. Frankly, I felt proud of my cock-sucking talents.

But Ken was a sport. He turned and started sucking on my tits. I basked in the pleasure of his lips on my nipples. When he moved farther down my body, my excitement picked up again. I spread my legs, then closed my thighs around his strong shoulders as he settled into place.

His hot breath tickled my pussy lips. His tongue emerged and outlined my entrance, skimming through my damp folds. Finally, he put his lips on mine, and I felt his tongue slip inside me.

He was so earnest about it. As he licked and lapped, I made encouraging sounds when he did something particularly right. He followed my leads. His tongue lavished attention on my swollen clit, making my hips beat against the mattress as my arousal soared out of control.

Ken drilled me with his tongue, and I humped against his face. I reached down, grabbed a handful of hair and jammed my burning pussy against his mouth. Ecstasy swam through me, rising, then suddenly cresting until I came with a shout.

He pushed up onto his knees, and I saw his dick was fiercely hard again. Nothing like youthful stamina to keep a party going. I grinned. He took that as his signal to go ahead and moved forward. His cock hovered over my soaked pussy. Boldly, I reached down, gripped his shaft and directed him into me. The act seemed to startle and delight him. Probably no woman had ever guided him in like that before.

His cock plunged into me. He had a good size, and he reamed me to my core. I crossed my wrists behind his neck and met his thrusts, lifting my ass off the bed and taking him deep. A fresh wave of pleasure began to build, the first wavelets lapping up my heated body.

I watched his muscled form in full action, moving on top of me. His tempo increased, and it felt like his cockhead was reaching my navel. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He fucked me harder, seriously pounding me.

My climax sparked, starting in my pussy but overflowing and spreading outward. Ken’s face twisted with pleasure. He moved so fast his thrusts nearly became a blur as the bed bounced beneath us.

He let loose with a triumphant howl, and as a second load of come emptied into me, my second climax overtook me. The intensity was almost frightening. It poured through me like lava, but the pleasure was fantastic. I held him inside me as the last jet jerked from him.

We kissed, and an idle curiosity entered my mind in the afterglow. I asked, “What exactly did my husband say to you on the phone?”

Ken smiled shyly again. “He said, ‘Fuck her good, young man.’”

We both laughed. He’d certainly done as George had instructed.