Party Of Six

Party Of Six

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I attend a prestigious university and am in a fraternity.

I know that makes me automatically hated by some, but our frat isn’t filled with rich assholes. We’re more laid-back, a frat for guys who don’t want to join a traditional frat. I also know that most frats have a reputation for lots of sex, and that’s overblown. I mean, there has been sex in this house, but nothing like the Animal House that people envision.

That is, until recently. Two brothers and I just participated in our first honest-to-God orgy, and I still can’t believe it happened. Most amazingly, it starred the most beautiful girl on campus.

My buddy Ryan is a smooth-talker; he is the kind of guy who could get on an airplane without a ticket. He’s also a big man on campus — he’s the quarterback of the football team and student body president. He has slept with almost every pretty girl in school, and those of the neighboring colleges as well. But there’s one girl he couldn’t snag. He called her his White Whale, the rest of called her the Ice Goddess.

Her name is Dakota, and when Ryan and I met in our freshman biology class, she was sitting two rows ahead of us. He didn’t even know me, as we were still living in the dorms then, but he turned to me and said, “Friend, now I know why I came to this school. Before I graduate, I’m going to nail that chick.”

Three years passed, and Ryan still hadn’t gotten a date with her. She was from old money. Rumors flew that she only dated married men or guys in their 30s — or was a lesbian — or all three. Ryan, though, like Ahab, never stopped pursuing his quarry.

Over the years I’d gotten myself a girlfriend. Emma is a freckle-faced redhead and a drama major. I don’t know much about theater, but she seems really talented and wants to go to New York to be an actress. She’s lean and beautiful and has a goofy sense of humor, and we have a great time, in and out of bed.

The strangest guy in our frat, and also one of the most lovable, is Virgil. His significant other is Zelda, and they are perfect for each other because they are throwbacks to the ’60s. Virgil wears tie-dyed shirts, sandals and scruffy jeans, and Zelda is a flower child who wears peasant skirts, puts flowers in her hair and, more often than not, goes barefoot. A cloud of patchouli follows them wherever they go.

So our frat had its annual “Welcome Back” mixer at the beginning of the year, and Virgil, Zelda, Emma and I were there, and lo and behold, Ryan walked in, wearing his best suit, with Dakota on his arm. The party almost stopped dead. Nobody had ever seen Dakota date a fellow student or attend a party. Someone once said that she’d called college parties juvenile and usually spent her weekends at her country club back home. But now, real as life, she was there with Ryan. Little did I know that before the evening was over my cock would be in her asshole.

The party was a blast. We drank, danced and drank some more, and then drank even more. By the time the festivities died down we were in Ryan’s room, the six of us: Emma and I, Virgil and Zelda, and Ryan and Dakota. It was perfectly designed — a redhead, a blonde (Zelda has almost platinum-blonde hair) and a brunette. (Dakota has dark brown hair she wears in a Cleopatra style, with straight bangs.) We were all pleasantly surprised to find that Dakota was a regular Joe, or should I say Josephine. She was down to earth and not at all snooty like the rumors we’d all heard.

Dakota was fascinated with Zelda. I think in her hoity set she had never met a girl like her, who not only was hippie-like but frequently went without shaving her armpits or her legs and avoided underwear.

“So you never wear a bra?” Dakota asked with astonishment as she sat in a chair by the bed.

“Nah,” Zelda said as she plunked into a bean bag, her legs sticking up and out. “My tits aren’t that big. And I usually don’t wear underwear either, except on windy days.”

Virgil chuckled; he was lying flat on his back at her feet with a clear view of her pussy.

Zelda continued, “Virgil always goes commando, too. I think it feels better and so does he.”

We all laughed, and Dakota blushed. Zelda climbed out of the bean bag and went over to Dakota. “What kind of undies do you wear? No offense, but I figure you for Agent Provocateur.”

Zelda brashly pulled aside the sleeve of Dakota’s dress to reveal an ornate red bra strap. “Ah! I was right. It’s cool, though. I don’t judge. Whatever works for you, babe.”

Dakota might have stood and stormed out of the room in embarrassment, but she didn’t. She was still intrigued. “You’re not wearing any panties right now?” she asked Zelda.

Zelda smiled, lifted her skirt and showed off her bush. It was the first time I had ever seen it (I had caught her coming out of the shower a few times but only caught sight of her butt and boobs). Zelda had a tangled forest of hair. It would only be a matter of minutes before my nose was buried there.

The air was now charged with sexual energy. Zelda turned to Emma, who was lying next to me on the bed, too stunned to speak.

“Emma, you probably wear, like, Maidenform, right? Again, no offense.”

Emma blushed, and when a redhead blushes it’s like watching a tomato ripen. Zelda felt bad and crawled into bed with us. “Aw, I’m sorry hon. I have a big mouth.” She kissed Emma on the forehead, and then stuck her hand down Emma’s jeans.

Time seemed to stand still. What happened next would determine whether the evening broke up and friendships ended — or whether the hottest orgy on campus would happen. Finally, Emma unbuttoned her jeans and said, “I’ll have you know I’m wearing Calvin Klein.”

“I began fucking her doggy-style, her snug vagina gripping me like a hand.”


Zelda smiled impishly and pushed her hand further down into Emma’s crotch. Emma took a deep, quick breath, and I knew that Zelda’s finger had found its target. She turned to me and asked, “Do you mind me messing with your girl, Andrew?” I answered her by flipping her skirt over her butt and giving her a smack.

“It depends on how much Virgil minds,” I answered.

“Shit, man, I don’t care,” Virgil drawled.

After that, Dakota got down on the floor with him and began kissing him hungrily. But before I dove into Zelda, I noticed that Ryan, of all people, was the only one unoccupied.

But frankly I didn’t care about Ryan at that moment and began tonguing Zelda’s asshole. At the same time, I thought I heard a zipper going down and Virgil exhaling. I took a quick peek and sure enough, Dakota was sucking his cock, which was surprisingly large. By now Ryan was kneeling next to Emma, who was fumbling around in his shorts for his cock. I was surprised that I was not jealous and returned my attention to Zelda.

I got underneath her and inhaled her ripe scent. I flicked my tongue against her pussy lips, and she ground against my face. I gripped her hips and gave her the best cunnilingus I know how to give. Before long, her nectar was trickling all over my chin.

I pulled away and saw that Dakota was completely naked and riding Virgil, who was similarly unclothed. Emma was busy sucking Ryan’s dick, and Zelda had skinned my girl’s pants off and was fingering and eating her. I was the only one fully dressed and quickly altered that situation.

I had to put my cock somewhere. Zelda’s cunt was the only one unoccupied, so I returned to it. I began fucking her doggy-style, her snug vagina gripping me like a hand, and she bucked back toward me enthusiastically.

From my vantage point I could see everything. Virgil flipped Dakota over and fucked her missionary-style. She wrapped her legs around his waist. The other four of us broke up and got into more comfortable positions. Zelda got on her knees in front of me and blew me, while Ryan got Emma on all fours and gave it to her hard.

The first guy to come was Virgil, who pulled out and splashed his jism on Dakota’s tummy. Zelda said, “Excuse me,” before jumping down to lick her boyfriend’s cream off of Dakota. Once she did, she shared some of it with the bold brunette. That was ridiculously hot, watching Virgil’s spunk drip from Zelda’s mouth into Dakota’s waiting throat.

Sort of like playing musical chairs, we switched. Ryan set about feasting on Dakota’s well-fucked pussy. She sat on his face, and Zelda sucked his cock. Emma took care of me, licking my balls and stroking my aching cock. Virgil sat back and stroked his member back to life, signaling he was not yet done.

Dakota withdrew from Ryan’s face and lowered herself, cowgirl-style, onto his erection. “Hey, guys,” she uttered, “can you fulfill a fantasy of mine?”

At that point, Virgil and I would have done anything — legal or not.

“I’ve never been gang-banged before. Would you mind?”

Virgil and I looked at each other and shrugged. I got behind her and licked her asshole, making it nice and slick. Virgil somehow maneuvered around her so she could suck his cock. Ryan was still underneath her, not quite knowing what to do other than lay there and let her fuck him. I sank my dick into her asshole, getting into a rhythm so that when she pulled up off Ryan, I could push into her. She mumbled happily as her mouth was full of Virgil’s stout dick.

And what were Zelda and Emma up to? A 69, it turned out. They both snuck peeks at Dakota’s fantasy coming true in between licking each other’s cunts.

I was next to come, filling Dakota’s back passage with semen. When I pulled out, some of my white cream trickled from her asshole. I fell back into the bean bag, uncertain I would ever be able to move again. I watched Zelda and Emma, now locked in a scissor position, rubbing their pussies together until each came. Then Ryan had Dakota on her back, and he pumped an entire college career’s worth of pent-up lust into her pussy. He pulled out and lay beside her, and Zelda leapt between the girl’s legs to suck Ryan’s come right out of her gaping cunt.

We went for one more go round, each with the person we’d brought, all romantic with the lights out and everything. Ryan and Dakota began seeing each other regularly, and best of all, that night has become a touchstone. We don’t avoid talking about it, and we’re planning another get-together soon.

And Dakota took Zelda shopping at Agent Provocateur.