Open Door

Open Door

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My first ménage à trois was about to become a reality, and I had Lila to thank for it.

I’d been with plenty of women, but only one at a time. The idea of a threeway had haunted me for years, an erotic specter always teasing, always flitting just out of reach.

Lila was a vivacious, free-spirited woman I’d been seeing off and on for a while. I knew she had numerous other lovers, as well as a sexual history that read like a lost book of the Kama Sutra.

One night in bed I had confessed my long-held unfulfilled wish to have sex with two women at the same time. I knew it wasn’t an uncommon or unwholesome yearning. I was also aware that only a handful of men I’d ever personally known in my life could credibly be said to have achieved that goal.

Lila had sat up, grinning at me. She seized my just-spent cock and started expertly kneading me back to hardness. “Oh, we’ll have to fix that!” she said, like she was accepting a challenge. Seconds later, she climbed back atop my meat and rode me furiously, telling me all the while she would set me up beyond my wildest fantasies.

So there I was a few days later, at Lila’s place, lying naked on her monstrously big bed. Lila and another woman named Gina were undressing at the foot, pausing repeatedly to kiss and touch one another. Both women were unbelievably gorgeous. As their tongues tangled and their clothing fell away, my cock stood up straight and primed as anticipation swelled within me.

After a little more groping and face-sucking, the women moved onto the bed and crawled toward me. I drank in the stunning sight of all that naked feminine wonder. At that moment, I felt — rightly — like the luckiest man in the world. Pornographic dreams don’t often come to life, but I was the cusp of having this one jizz all over my reality.

Lila and Gina came and lay down on either side of me. Their smooth, firm bodies pressed against me. Gina immediately put her mouth on mine, and I met her wriggling tongue. Meanwhile, Lila caressed my chest, then bent to nibble playfully on a nipple.

I slipped my arms around both women, reaching down to gently grasp the sweet swells of their asses. A thousand fantasized images crashed in my brain, but I banished them all. Nothing, I knew, was going to be better than the real thing.

The proof of that came as Gina and Lila both started kissing their way down my body. As I watched excitedly, their mouths homed in on my straining cock. Pleasure that went somehow beyond the physical overwhelmed me. Their tongues slathered my swollen cockhead. They lapped up my drizzling pre-come. One woman fondled my balls as the other began to jerk my steel-hard shaft.

Ecstasy made my brain spin as my body was filled with bliss. After those women had gotten enough of the taste of my cock, I was going to fuck both of them. We would combine every which way, fulfilling all the mathematical possibilities of three eager lovers who —

“Oh, I see you’ve already started.”

The strange voice startled me. My gaze snapped up to see a woman I didn’t know standing right there in the bedroom, smiling down at our trio. As if that wasn’t shocking enough to me, she began to matter-of-factly undress.

Lila, who’d been sliding her mouth along my cock harmonica-style, lifted her head. “Deb, come join us!”

And Deb, incredibly, did just that. Naked, she smoothly slipped up onto the bed, grinning at me. She was as lovely as the other two, and evidently knew them well. She traded a slavering tongue-kiss with Gina, then with Lila. Then — because my mind wasn’t already blown enough — she joined the huddle over my cock, putting her mouth on me and dropping it onto my quivering staff, slowly swallowing me right down to my balls.

I cried out and almost spunked right then. But the three — pardon me — fourway was still in progress. Lila squirmed back up beside me. I gave her a dazed, inquiring look, but she simply smiled. Then she climbed up to straddle my face, and I met her lowering pussy with my hungry mouth. I lapped at her slick lips, then jammed my tongue hard up into her. She writhed on me, smearing her juices on my lips and chin.

“I lapped at her slick lips, then jammed my tongue hard up into her.”

Meanwhile, her two partners in sexual crime traded my cock between their mouths for a while. Then one of them — I couldn’t tell which because Lila was blocking my line of sight in the most wonderful way — got on top of me, taking my shaft up into the grasping wetness of her pussy. As she rode me, her hands came around to squeeze Lila’s generous tits.

I felt swamped by luscious feminine flesh. Lila’s familiar flavor delighted my tongue as my hips thrust up into the semi-anonymous pussy clasping my cock. This was fucking paradise. It couldn’t get any better than me in the mix with three beautiful, eager women.

“Well, looks like we’re fashionably late.”

This new voice was almost drowned out as Lila let out a loud moan of orgasmic release and flooded my mouth with her honey. When she unsaddled herself from my face, I looked up, blinking dazedly.

Yet another woman was in the bedroom, also disrobing. This is too fucking good to be true, I thought as her lush tits heaved into view.

And it was — sort of. A man stepped out from behind the new arrival. He undressed as casually as the rest, revealing a body as muscled and athletic as mine. He also, unsurprisingly, sported a fierce hard-on.

Lila leaned down to kiss my juice-wet lips. She said, “I put the word out with some friends. More might stop by, if they can make it.”

With that, the new woman pounced onto the bed, made for me and proceeded to lick Lila’s love sauce off my face with greedy swipes of her tongue. Meanwhile, Deb and Gina welcomed the male newcomer. They laced their hands around his cock and started pumping him, while he grinned and fingered their pussies.

Lila hadn’t arranged my first ménage à trois for me. She’d thrown me into a full-on, come-crazy orgy. At that moment I loved her more than anyone or anything I’d ever known in my life.

The new woman finished cleaning my face with her tongue. I had reclined on my back throughout all this. Now, I rolled up onto my knees. I gave the new woman a ferocious kiss, squeezing her succulent tits, then turned her around. She went helpfully onto her hands and knees and thrust her ripe ass back at me.

I moved in behind her, practically quaking with intense desire. All around me bodies were squirming. Lila was sucking Deb’s pussy, while the new guy was being ridden by Gina, who had her feet planted flat on the bed as she bounced up and down on his stiff meat.

The new guy and woman had arrived together. If they were girlfriend and boyfriend, I was about to fuck his paramour in front of him. Considering what he was up to, that wasn’t going to be a problem. Apparently, this was a true free-fuck-for-all.

Even so, I experienced a delicious sense of taboo as I placed my hands on the new woman’s fine ass and sank my cock into her pussy from behind. Her heat and wetness sucked me right in. She tossed her head and let out a happy grunt as I drove deep. I felt spring-loaded and ready to blow.

“As she rode me, her hands came around to squeeze Lila’s generous tits.”

I stroked my cock into the pussy before me. There was pleasure in the act, to be sure. But having others nearby added to my joy. Alongside us, Deb’s face twisted with bliss as Lila devoured her pussy. Beyond them, the new guy was thrusting up into Gina, who plunged repeatedly onto his cock.

My fuck-buddy reached out and caressed Deb’s tits. The guy seemed to stretch out blindly, his hand alighting on Lila’s backside. He started fingering her asshole, even as he continued to play fuck-pony to Gina’s orgasmic cowgirl.

My balls spanked against flesh as my cock drove to the woman’s slippery depths. Suddenly, my partner shuddered, and then convulsed. Her climax left her temporarily limp, and I let her collapse onto her belly. Lila came up for air, and I moved over to slot my cock into Deb’s well-eaten pussy. She welcomed me in, thrusting up against my downward lunge.

Incredibly, still more people showed up, apparently just letting themselves in. Lila’s literal open-door policy was in full effect, and everybody was anxious to join the party. I caused Deb to writhe in a wild orgasm, then I shifted over to Gina, who’d finally climbed off her friend’s cock.

Gina thrashed underneath me, her legs swinging up to wrap around my waist. The guy was now plowing Lila’s ass. Two women were snarled in a wicked 69 right beside them. I was losing track of who was who as the late arrivals climbed onto the great playground of the bed.

I recognized a few faces from Lila’s bohemian social circle, but the identities started to blur in the overall erotic mist. The scent of sex was everywhere, the perfume of pussy juice and come. It was a haphazard but absolutely thrilling swamp of pleasure. Stray jizz spattered my leg at one point, and I only laughed. While I was fucking a lively redhead, somebody fingered my ass for a minute or two. I didn’t bother looking to see if it was a woman or a man.

Of course, I couldn’t hold back my own climax forever, and when it arrived, it was glorious. The redhead shook so violently through her own orgasm that we uncoupled just as I was going off, so I ended up spraying my load across her belly and tits. Two people crawled out of the surrounding mass and lapped the goo off her.

I reeled amidst the spectacle. Already my cock was stirring for another go-round, or two or three. The moment was fantastically beautiful, all these joyful cooperative bodies, united in pervasive pleasure.

Lila arose from the swelling, panting, moaning throng. She curled up against me, smiling. Sweat slicked her body, and come had dried on her tits. I held her and pressed my exquisitely sore lips against her wet mouth. Her hand moved instinctively to my cock, which began to languidly thicken in her grip.

“Is this better than a threeway?” she asked, giggling.

I slipped my hand between her damp thighs. As my fingers brushed her pussy, I knew I didn’t have to answer her question.