Mr. Fix It

Mr. Fix It

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Being able to start a business and make it profitable while you’re young is a great thing.

Getting to bed a bunch of hot, willing women while you do it is a wildly spectacular bonus.

I didn’t become a handyman with any intention other than to make money off my skills without having to answer to a boss. But after a few weeks, it became clear there were a lot of sexually desperate women looking to get far more than their plumbing serviced.

Don’t get me wrong. When I get called to a home to fix something, I fix it. But when I’m done, it’s not uncommon for the lady of the house to lead me to the master bedroom.

Violet is one of my favorite repeat customers. She’s in her early 40s and married to a guy several years older who constantly travels for work. If Violet calls for an appointment, I make sure to clear the rest of my day.

The first time I met Violet, things started off normal enough. She gave me a list of items around her house that needed attention, and I set off on my own and got to work. The kitchen sink was last. When I entered the room, I was surprised to find Violet perched at the breakfast bar in a barely there satin robe. She smiled and asked how my work was going. She had all the earmarks of a desperate housewife, but I didn’t want to assume too much so I simply engaged her in conversation while I did my thing.

Once I was finished, I asked her to sign off on the work order. She hesitated, the pen poised over the paper. Instead of signing, she placed the clipboard on the countertop.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked.

Brushing her fingertips along the waistband of my jeans she murmured, “Actually, there is one more thing I need.”

I stood there, my hands suspended in midair while she tugged at the button on my pants. In a flash she’d pulled my jeans to the floor. She traced a fingertip along one of my tattoos, her eyes wide as she admired the designs covering my thighs.

Then the erection tenting my boxer briefs became the focus of her attention. Running her tongue over her upper lip, she skimmed her hand down my swollen shaft and cupped my balls through my shorts. The material dulled the sensation of her touch, leaving me with just a hint of how good it would feel when I was naked.

Finally, she yanked off my boxers, biting her lower lip to mask the involuntary gasp she emitted at the sight of my shaft. The look of awe on her face made me swell with pride. Then Violet sank to her knees and wrapped her ruby-red lips around the tip of my dick, swirling her tongue over the sensitive head.

Curses fell from my lips as she released my cock from her mouth and slathered my shaft with her tongue, taking me from zero to 60 in seconds. My vision blurred, and I sagged against the counter where she had me hemmed in. Violet cupped my balls and stroked her thumb over my sac until I was aching with the desire to blow.

I needed to fucking come. Every nerve sizzled with unspent energy. I needed more. I needed her.

Violet enjoyed keeping me on the cusp and teased me once more by dancing her tongue along my dick. She noted every twitch of my thighs and flex of my fingers, using my tells to tweak her technique. The result was a combination of swirls and flicks that nearly blew my mind.

Ready to take over, I pulled Violet up to her full height, then took her in my arms to deposit her on the counter. The island placed her at the perfect level with my hips. She reclined and parted her legs. Then I whipped the sash from the loops of her robe and unwrapped her beautifully curvy body and glistening pussy.

Running the callused tip of my finger along Violet’s slit made her shiver, and more juices seeped from her pussy. I sucked my dew-slickened digit into my mouth, loving Violet’s flavor on my flesh. It drove me wild, leaving me desperate to slam my dick into her. At the same time, I didn’t want to rush the experience. Violet was like putty in my hands. She responded enthusiastically to every touch. I wanted to explore that further.

After spreading her lips to expose her entrance, I sank to my knees and swiped my tongue along her silky slit. Dragging my tongue along one swollen lip, then the other, I ignored Violet’s desperate pleas for me to fuck her. Instead, I focused on savoring her unique flavor, working her with my mouth until she was so wet I could drown in her juices.

Violet’s fingers raked through my hair, curving around the back of my head to jam my mouth onto her cunt. I speared her with my tongue, and her moan was like music to my ears. As she rocked against my face, I tongue-fucked her and sucked on her clit.

Juices streamed out of her excited pussy. I tried to lap up was much as I could, but then Violet began demanding, “Give me your cock!”

Jumping to my feet, I slammed my dick into Violet’s snatch. She was like hot, wet velvet and her warm, welcoming flesh enveloped me, driving me wild with lust. I shoved my hands under her ass and clutched her plush cheeks. I pulled her to the very edge of the counter, giving me the leverage required to drive into her like a jackhammer.

We writhed and bucked in a mad haste, desperate to get off. Violet was scrabbling for purchase, clutching my body as convulsions shook her. A sting sizzled along my back as her nails scraped my skin. The spark of pain sent another jolt to my groin, making my eyes roll to the back of my head.

The only thing keeping me grounded in reality was Violet’s loud, passionate expressions of appreciation. She moaned with every thrust, gasping for breath as I slid from her depths. Her pleasure was like a drug. It didn’t matter how badly I craved my own release. Hearing Violet moan made me want to fuck her forever. It seemed like her orgasm would never end, and her passionate sounds encouraged me to fuck her all the more.

After Violet stopped shaking, she didn’t relax into a post-orgasmic haze. Instead, she wound her legs around my waist tightly, holding us closer than I would have thought possible. Rather than draw my dick out to the tip, I was forced to fuck her using short, brutal pumps.

The new position kept me balanced on the edge of an orgasmic explosion. The sensations I felt with each thrust of my dick felt magnified a hundredfold. My climax seemed so close, but it was just out of my reach. But that didn’t appear to be the case for Violet. Those violent jabs of my dick were hitting her just right. She wasn’t chasing pleasure; she was drowning in it, grunting and gasping as a never-ending orgasm robbed her ability to speak.

Violet’s head tilted back, exposing a graceful neck that I scraped with my teeth. Her hands fell from my shoulders to her sides, just barely hitting the counter in time to catch herself from tumbling backward.

I slid my arms around Violet’s back, pulling her flush against my chest while her pussy rippled around my cock. Every twitch and pulse of her succulent flesh massaged my aching erection and eagerly pushed me toward the point of no return.

But not wanting to miss a moment of Violet’s pleasure, I forced my eyes to stay open. She was leaning back, propped up on her elbows and perfectly displaying her breasts. The soft globes sat high on her chest, her nipples pointed toward me as if begging to be sucked. Slipping my hand behind Violet’s back to brace myself, I bent down low to lap at her fleshy tits. She squirmed in my arms as I continued to pound my dick into her.

Every pump of my cock jiggled her breasts, making it difficult to catch her nipple between my lips, but I was determined and suckled on each of her tits. When I sucked or licked her nips, her pussy quivered, as if those rubbery nubs were hot-wired to her cunt. She was the most responsive woman I’d ever nailed, and I loved the way her body gave me cues to pleasure her.

“She wasn’t chasing pleasure; she was drowning in it, grunting and gasping.”

My own crisis was fast approaching. All too soon, a jolt of pleasure shot down my spine to my groin. Every muscle in my body felt as if it had tensed, making me that much more aware of my every motion while I continued to crash into her supple body.

Then Violet’s pussy tightened, her walls clamping down hard on me and triggering an orgasm that knocked the breath out of my body. Hot come spurted from my cock, and I filled her with my cream. I was spent—literally. My climax seemed to drain the last of my energy.

After we both caught our breath and disengaged, Violet scrawled her signature on the work order and sent me on my way.
About an hour later, I received a call. Violet wanted to book another appointment for the very next week.