Loving Cup

Loving Cup

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It amused me when my wife, Tonia, got jealous of my bisexual past.

She was envious of the men I’d fucked, since she’d only had lesbian sex. Maybe she was belatedly curious about the male form and wondered how it would feel to have a real cock inside her.

She and I had been married only a year, long enough for us to settle into comfortable routines. We’d had this same conversation before, about my bisexuality, where she spoke wistfully of my past boyfriends and made me tell her lurid stories of my hetero exploits.

I didn’t mind. I loved Tonia with every womanly inch of myself, and she loved me right back. I would do anything to make her happy.

That day, though, I impulsively tried another tack. I said, “If you’re really curious, sweetheart, I know the very man who’d love to fuck you.”

She gaped at me. Tonia is a sultry blonde, with a gorgeous body. I never get tired of sex with her, but I’d left no stone unturned in my own sexual past. I had no regrets. I’d even kept in touch with some ex-lovers who were men. They were just friends now, but I knew one guy who would definitely do me the favor of doing my wife.

“Are you serious?” Tonia asked after a moment. We were lounging in our fancy living room. Tonia is a successful corporate attorney, and I’m a tenured professor. We’re very well off.

I smiled at her. “Sure. Look, I doubt I’d be okay if you wanted to sleep with another woman, but Gary’s wanted you since we first met. Remember? He used to ask you out all the time. He even begged me to talk you into trying out straight sex just once. He’d do you in a heartbeat!”

Having said it out loud, the scenario took shape in my mind and excitement stirred in me. Tonia still looked stunned, but I knew she was considering my proposal. With a purr in my voice, I added, “But I’d get to watch Gary fuck you. And then afterward, I get sloppy seconds.”

I don’t know what part of that convinced her. Maybe I’d sold her on the idea right from the get-go. But my lovely wife lit up, sprang off the couch and smothered me with a hug. She thanked me repeatedly. Then our mouths came together, and her lush body was grinding against mine. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Fortunately, the living room floor is thickly carpeted.

I met with Gary. We’d had a great relationship once upon a time, but neither of us was ready to commit. He was still a good-looking man. He was also a very decent human being. He sensed I had something important to say as we sat at a coffeehouse table.

“You remember Tonia?” I asked.

I could almost hear the bell go off in his head. “You bet. Are you two still together?”

“We are. But she and I were wondering if you’d like to join us.”

I went on to spell out the situation for him.

He looked as stunned as Tonia had — perhaps even more so.

“Holy shit,” he murmured. “I thought maybe you were going to ask me to have an affair with you or something. But fuck Tonia? Oh, hell yes!”

His eyes were bugging out. I laughed and thanked him.

I orchestrated the whole hookup, setting the date and the time. I gave it a few days, just in case Tonia wanted to change her mind — but that didn’t happen. She was fully committed to the idea.

Nothing about this “date” made me uneasy. Even though we’d only been wed for a year, I had absolute confidence in our marriage. Besides, I desperately wanted to see Gary pound my true love’s pussy.

The appointed night arrived, and Gary showed up with flowers, which Tonia and I both thought was sweet. I could tell he was nervous. Maybe it seemed too good to be true to him. It did have the feel of fantasy fulfillment, I admit.

But we were dead serious about doing this.

We welcomed Gary into our home. Tonia was wearing a silky sheer dress, and she looked good enough to eat. Gary had spruced up, too, trading his usual leather jacket for a sport coat and slacks.

Not wanting to draw out the moment and let anyone’s nerves get the best of them, I stepped between them and took each by the hand. Silently, I led the way into the bedroom. My body practically twanged with excitement. I’d had sex with both these people. Now I would get to watch them fuck one another!

I stood them at the foot of the big luxurious bed, then I stepped back, taking a chair in a shadowy corner. I flicked on the stereo using a remote, and soft music began to play. Gary licked his lips, and Tonia had a sexy smile on her face.

I stage-whispered, “Kiss!” I hoped to hell they wouldn’t back out.

They both laughed but moved together, letting their lips meet. Their kiss was hesitant at first, then passion took hold of Gary — and Tonia returned the sentiment as their mouths ground together. After a few seconds, I caught a flash of their tongues entwining. He held her tight, and her hands moved over his body, exploring his masculine physique with its tempting muscles and irresistible brawn.

Further directions were no longer necessary. They undressed each other without a word from me. Gary still looked like he could only half believe what was happening as a shivering excitement lit up my wife’s face.

The last of their clothing fell away, and they stood naked before me, both so gorgeous: Tonia’s supple curves, and Gary’s muscular form, with his cock standing out firm and full.

Tonia reached out a trembling hand and took hold of his shaft, squeezing it with a look of delicate discovery. Gary moaned, and then the two climbed onto the mattress together.

“I drilled my own digits deeper into myself as I took in the sight of them.”

As I’d planned, I slipped out of my own clothes. I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs. As my wife and ex-boyfriend lay down side-by-side, I trailed my fingers over my damp pussy lips and electric pleasure raised gooseflesh on my limbs.

Their hands moved over each other. Gary was visibly savoring every part of her, while Tonia’s caresses were full of astonishment. He gently kneaded the luscious globes of her tits. She touched his cock again, reaching farther south to explore his shaved balls.

Gary’s fingers quested between her legs as well. They both shivered as he grazed her hairless pussy lips. I slid my own fingers into myself as Gary slipped his into Tonia’s cunt — first one, then two entered her succulent snatch.

This was the first sensual touch from a man my wife had ever known. The specialness of the occasion wasn’t lost on me, and certainly Gary was aware of it. He had pined for this woman, rather hopelessly, for a long while. Now he was relishing the experience of getting to know her intimately.

He was the right man for the job — engaged, sensual and patient — and the moment was exactly what Tonia deserved.

She then tugged more urgently on his cock. I saw her instinctively find that good jerking rhythm. It thrilled her to see how he responded, with ever increasing groans of pleasure as he fingered her pussy harder. Tonia grunted with mounting exhilaration, and her slit gleamed with wetness. I drilled my own digits deeper into myself as I took in the sight of them.

She clutched him tightly, burying her face against his throat as she shook with a fierce climax. A look of delight and satisfaction came over Gary’s face. Of course, he had wanted to please her. He’d always been a thoughtful lover.

Tonia, eyes blazing, rolled onto her back. She reached for him, pulling him on top of her. With one hand busy at my pussy, my other groped my tits. I tweaked my buzzing nipples as Gary moved into place. My wife was about to lose her hetero virginity, and I was there to see it. I felt utterly privileged.

Gary, holding his erection in his hand, smeared his thick cockhead around her hole. He traced that knob up and down her dewy lips, then he slowly started to slide the tip inside. Naturally, I’d fucked Tonia with dildos any number of times, but he obviously wanted her to savor every second of this real, live penetration.

He sank his cock into her pussy inch by inch until he was buried in her fully. It was a beautiful sight, one I’d never thought I’d see. It was likely something Tonia had never expected to happen in her life. I was glad I’d made it possible for her.

My bride made encouraging sounds, and Gary started stroking into her. He watched her face for any negative reaction. There was none. Tonia’s beautiful body flexed beneath his. Her hips bucked, meeting his every thrust. Again, instinct kicked in. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist so that he could plow her as deeply as possible.

“Shuddering with desire, I swept my tongue up her come-oiled groove.”

He fucked her in earnest, his ass lifting and dropping rhythmically. I heard and saw each impact of their bodies. Tonia gasped with pleasure, and I saw Gary’s face twist in a familiar manner while I fingered myself furiously.

When Gary came, his whole body jerked. From beneath him, Tonia let out a cry, which was also very familiar to me. She reared up, clasping Gary in a shivery embrace, before sinking back into the bed. In a daze, Gary grinned and pulled his slick cock out of her, falling off to the side. Nestled in my chair in the corner, I came as well — but I wasn’t yet sated.

I stood and stalked to the bed. My wife lay with her legs open and a man’s pearly load overflowing from her twitching pussy for the very first time.

Shuddering with desire, I settled between Tonia’s thighs and swept my tongue up her come-oiled groove. Gary’s salty taste stung my tongue, mixed with Tonia’s natural musky flavor. Together, their juices became something even greater, some mystical nectar that fed my innermost hunger.

I slurped up the evidence of their lust. I probed my tongue deeper inside my wife. Tonia let out a mewl of pleasure. Gobs of Gary’s spunk clung to my chin, and I scooped it off with my pussy-slick fingers and ate it, getting a taste of myself as well.

I reamed Tonia’s pussy, collecting even more of Gary’s goo on my fingertips. I put my mouth to Tonia’s slit again, sweeping my tongue over her pulsing clitoris. She reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair. She pushed her pussy forcefully against my mouth. I probed her even deeper, getting the still warm strands of jism Gary had left behind.

Vaguely, I was aware of him sitting a few feet away on the bed, pulling on his revived cock as he watched us. The attention warmed me further.

Tonia’s hips started to buck crazily. I grabbed them, holding on and letting her ride my face toward another glorious climax. Her juices flowed into my mouth, tinged with the lingering taste of Gary’s semen. How delicious everything was when sipped from my exquisite wife’s loving cup.