Going Clubbing

Going Clubbing

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When I met Megan and Lorraine at the bookstore as they gushed over the same romance author I adore, I knew we would be fast friends.

It didn’t take long for us to form our own book club — which was really code for a wine-and-bitch fest that met every Thursday evening.

Occasionally, we did actually talk about books — especially if we found a sizzling romance novel that set our libidos alight. This, of course, led to frank, booze-fueled discussions about what we liked — but rarely got to experience — when someone joined us between the sheets.

One theme prevailed: We all found ourselves in a constant state of sexual frustration that had become impossible to quell with our own hands. Suddenly, what started out as wine time evolved into an intense sexual awakening as we began discussing our bodies’ most sensitive places.

When it was my turn to dish, I laughed over my own shyness. Waving off their expectant stares, I insisted, “I’m sure my hot spots are the same as anyone else’s.”

Megan shrugged. “Well, how can we know if you won’t tell us?”

Taking a different tack, Lorraine laid a comforting hand on my shoulder. “You don’t have to say or do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” she murmured soothingly. Her thumb circled on my back, working a tiny knot of muscle I hadn’t even noticed until that moment.

A mischievous glint sparked in Lorraine’s eyes as she added, “But it’s so much fun to talk about sex.”

“How about this? If you’re too shy to say the words, show us instead” Megan suggested.

Shaking ever so slightly, I drew my hand up to point to the space beneath my ear, a spot where a sensual kiss always sent a jolt straight to my clit. My other hand brushed over my nipples, my mouth too dry to articulate my dirty thoughts.

Not yet finding my voice, I brushed my hand down my torso and traced a finger along the creases where my thighs frame my pussy. “And here,” I gasped, finally able to force words from my lips. Stammering, I continued, “No one ever touches me there. They usually pass over those spots, eager to get to the main event, but they’re the most sensitive places on my body.”

A warm flush born of lust and alcohol colored my skin a deep shade of crimson. Still feeling shy, I briefly closed my eyes and waited for Lorraine to start spilling her own sexy secrets. Instead, I was shocked to feel two bodies tuck in close on either side of me.

Warm, sweet breath fanned my face as someone swooped in to nuzzle my neck. A flick of a tongue came next, tapping me smack dab in the center of the “fuck me now” button beneath my earlobe that I’d just identified. Groaning, I tilted my head to the side, further exposing myself to my friend’s advances.

My eyes were still closed, so I honestly had no idea who was doing what to my body. All I knew was that it all felt divine. A part of me worried that opening my eyes would make it all go away. So I kept them closed tight, forcing my brain to stop shouting and instead focus on the deeply erotic feelings my friends were drawing from my body.

Right when I thought the licking on my neck would drive me crazy, a set of hands descended upon my breasts, their fingers pinching my nipples lightly. Every tweak set my body alight. These women were working my body exactly as I’d always hoped a lover would. Every touch wound me tighter. It felt like I was being primed to fall to pieces.

I opened my eyes to watch my friends worship my body. Megan’s light brown head hovered over my chest, her hands diligently working my tits through my T-shirt, while Lorraine continued to nuzzle and lick my neck.

Suddenly, Megan’s head slipped beneath my oversized cotton tee. I silently praised myself for deciding to go without a bra that night. I’d made a lazy choice for comfort, but now I was glad there was no additional garment to get in my girlfriend’s way.

At first Megan’s tongue simply traced circles around my nipples. It was the most satisfying form of torture I’d ever experienced. Then as I writhed, Megan dragged her teeth over one sensitive bud, causing me to cry out and clutch at the leather couch cushion beneath me.

Though arousal clouded my thoughts, one insistent idea forced its way through the fog: Why can’t I give pleasure while I get it? Frustrated that I hadn’t gotten to explore Lorraine and Megan’s bodies, I slid my hand into Megan’s lap. My fingers toyed with the hem of her skirt before sliding beneath it in search of her slit. When the tips of my fingers brushed the silken material of Megan’s panties, my own pussy twitched with delight. Since her lips were currently latched tightly over my nipple, her happy groans shot straight to my core.

Then, very slowly, Lorraine’s hand slithered down my torso to my spandex covered pussy. My throbbing flesh ached beneath my yoga pants, practically begging to be touched. I longed for her fingers to slide under my waistband and head to the promised land. A cool wetness in my undies told me I was more than ready to be fucked.

But instead of seeking skin-to-skin contact, Lorraine simply brushed her nails over that oh-so-sensitive skin along my pantylines that I’d pointed out earlier. Still, despite the fact that Lorraine’s movements were in no way focused on my pussy, my sex throbbed harder and demanded this teasing turn to fucking.

Apparently intent to drive me crazy before I came, Lorraine redirected her touch to the seam at the center of my yoga pants. The same line that happened to bisect the folds of my pussy. She traced the path slowly, drawing more juices from my sex despite the two layers of fabric between us that somewhat dulled her touch.

Right when I thought I’d spontaneously combust from their teasing, Lorraine tugged my pants down my hips. Finally exposing my cunt, she sucked on my pussy lips, focusing on one swollen fold at a time. The unexpected suction left me crying out with delight. I thrust my hips upward, grinding my pussy against Lorraine’s face in a desperate bid to find more pleasure.

At the same time, Megan nibbled and pinched my nipples. Somehow every brush of her hands across my breasts made my pussy pulse. This only increased my desire to come. Again, I ground my pussy against Lorraine’s mouth, impatiently demanding gratification.

Lorraine responded by thrusting her tongue into my slit, making my whole body quake. Right as my cunt began to twitch, she pulled out to torturously tease my throbbing clit, lazily circling the bud.

When Lorraine’s rhythm on my button magically matched that of Megan’s on my breasts, I realized they’d been silently communicating the entire time. Working together for the sole purpose of getting me off. It made me feel like a goddess. Having two beautiful women tend to my needs was a fantasy come to life.

Suddenly, my body was lifting off the couch. Megan was pulling me up, practically dragging my love-drugged body to the dining room table. A gentle push of her fingertips sent me backward, landing on the cool marble tabletop with a thud. She laid me out, spreading my legs wide.

Lorraine sidled up to the table at that moment. The bottle of wine we’d been drinking from earlier dangled loosely from her fingertips and a mischievous glint lit her eyes.

“You already look good enough to eat,” Lorraine said, “but I’ve always thought a little wine enhances even the best meals.”

Gently, she tilted the bottle over my torso, slowly dribbling the wine over my breasts and belly. While she poured, Megan lapped up the ruby liquid from my body, swirling her tongue around as she raced to collect as much of the wine as possible — but there was too much for  her to catch.

Red rivulets of Merlot streamed from my breasts to the table, pooling around me. As Megan’s tongue circled my rock-hard nipple, I felt another cool dribble of liquor fill my belly button.

As if one tongue working my overly sensitized body wasn’t enough, Lorraine joined in. A quick peek over Megan’s head revealed Lorraine lapping up the wine from my belly before she ducked between my legs.

The lash of her tongue along my swollen pussy lips made me cry out. My back attempted to arch off the table, but Megan’s weight on my chest was too much. I was well and truly trapped beneath them, having no choice but to absorb every ounce of pleasure possible.

I remember thinking, Damn, all I need now is a third girl to work my ass. The moment the thought entered my mind, Lorraine’s fingers crept around to my backdoor, applying a gentle pressure there that resonated in my pussy.

Every erogenous zone — from my breasts, to my cunt, to my ass — pulsed with pleasure. Every nerve crackled, firing intoxicating electric energy across my skin.

As their tongues flicked over my nipple and clit one last time, I came undone. Sated groans tore through my chest and my body. Light seemed to explode before my eyes as euphoria completely pulled me under.

That was the moment things got really blurry. The foggy depths of my brain knew exactly where I was and who I was with, but the intensity of my release actually cut me off from reality. I floated happily through a sea of pleasure, focused only on the bursts of bliss exploding within me.

As the last waves of my orgasm finally waned, I realized Megan and Lorraine were hovering over me.

Of course Lorraine would be the first one to speak: “Next time I come over, don’t offer me a glass for my wine.”

Caught off guard by her statement, I laughed before promising, “Nope, it’s belly shots all around from now on.”