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Working as a kids’ soccer coach, I’ve seen my fair share of MILFs.

But one stands out in particular in my memory.

The summer before my senior year of college I managed a team that traveled for games. One mom, Jane, sat front-row at every home game.

Jane quickly caught the eye of the entire coaching staff. It was hard to miss her long, jet-black hair and cleavage that appeared ready to burst free of her too tight, V-neck tees. She’d jump and cheer for every kid on the team, making those perfect tits bounce with abandon.

Everybody wanted a piece of Jane.

One weekend, Jane accompanied the team to a tournament in another state. All the coaches quietly went nuts. Guys were taking bets on who would bed her. None of them seemed to consider that I was the only one who had a room to myself. I figured it upped my chances, just slightly.

But despite lots of wishful thinking, I didn’t believe any of us had a serious shot with Jane. That’s why when I heard a knock at my door late on the first night of our trip, I assumed it was one of the guys. Annoyed that my shower was being interrupted for what I assumed was stupidity, I wrapped a towel around my hips and opened the door without bothering to check the peephole.

Instead of an idiotic junior coach, Jane the MILF stood in my doorway.

She tugged her lower lip between her teeth, her eyes immediately dropping to the thin towel that barely covered me.

“Sorry to bother you, but I’m locked out of my room. Can I use your phone to call the front desk?”

Opening the door wider, I welcomed Jane into my room. Figuring she could handle the call on her own, I went back into the bathroom and pulled on a pair of sweatpants. When I turned to head back out, Jane was standing in the bathroom doorway.

“There was no answer. Can I hang here for a bit?” Noticing my pants, Jane smiled. “Don’t feel like you have to dress up on account of me.”

She took a step into the bathroom, making it impossible for me to step around her. With only a breath of space between us, Jane dropped to her knees and looked up at me, making sure I had my eyes on her.

While I was busy processing the fact that Jane the MILF was on her knees before me, she pulled down my sweatpants. Jane eyed my cock appreciatively as it sprang free of my waistband. She slicked her tongue over her lips until her cherry-red pout glistened.

Jane’s confidence was as sexy as hell, and my cock throbbed in response. The longer she waited to touch my dick, the more desperate I became. Sensing my growing impatience, a sly smile pulled at the corners of those perfect lips — lips I wanted to see tightly wrapped around my erection.

Jane’s face angled toward me, slowly moving in on her target.

I groaned in response. She knew exactly what all this suspense was doing to my self-control, and I could tell she was relishing every moment of my discomfort.

Finally, Jane’s tongue emerged slowly from out between her lips, finally flicking across my crown. That one tiny touch of her tongue made my body draw as tight as a bow. I rocked back on my heels, trying to ease some of the tension that was rapidly building within me.

Jane, of course, remained perfectly relaxed, leisurely licking her way around my erection. She flatted her tongue along the underside, lapping at the sensitive skin.

While Jane toured my cock with her tongue, she also tucked a hand between my legs to tickle my balls. The sudden brush of her warm fingers had me sucking in a breath.

Jane chuckled. “Oh, you like that?”

I nodded my head furiously, not trusting my mouth. How could I, when she was swirling her tongue around my cock and slowly working her way from the tip down? She was licking me like I was an all-day sucker, and damn, if I wasn’t loving every minute of it.

Most girls I’d hooked up with previously had taken me deep right off the bat. It felt great in its a way, but I’d always thought something was missing. Jane displayed none of the sloppy eagerness I’d experienced in those college hookups. She was confident in her skills, and she took her time.

To my surprise, Jane didn’t stop when her tongue reached the base of my cock. Instead, she drifted lower to lavish kisses and licks all over my sac. Every feather-light kiss was punctuated by a flick of her tongue, making my balls grow tight.

Barely able to stand, I fell back against the counter. Jane followed, without missing a beat, her tongue still playfully lapping at my junk. My cock bobbed above her face, tapping her head every time my hips bucked. Then Jane wrapped her slender fingers around my cock and started to pump me. I swear I saw stars. Matching Jane’s wicked rhythm, I jerked my hips, driving my cock into her fist.

When the licking stopped, my eyes fluttered open to find Jane looking at me again. Her tongue darted out to taste a bead of pre-come that her efforts had coaxed out of the head of my cock.

“Do you want me to keep sucking or do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

A nearly overwhelming choice, but in the end I knew what I really wanted.

Hooking my arm around her, I lifted Jane off the floor and bent her over the vanity. She spread her hands wide and leaned forward, meeting my gaze in the mirror.

“I love a man who takes control,” she said in a lust-filled voice.

I fisted the waistband of Jane’s leggings and yanked them down as fast as the fabric would allow, realizing she wore no panties. Then the damn pants got tangled around Jane’s ankles.

“Fuck it,” I muttered, parting her thighs as wide as I could with the leggings bunched around her feet. I grabbed a condom from my shaving kit and tore its packet open in a desperate rush. Using one hand to roll the latex over my cock, I decided to test the waters with the other.

Tracing a finger along the seam of Jane’s pussy, I parted the folds to reveal her glistening pink center. She was already plenty wet, and my fingers slid easily through her swollen lips.

When my digits got close to her entrance, Jane reared back toward my hand. Taking that as an invitation, I thrust two fingers inside her, then added a third, stretching her wide. Once all three fingers were seated deeply inside Jane, I started to furiously drive them into her hot, slick depths.

Jane tossed her head back, and her mouth fell open on a moan.

“I thrust two fingers inside her, then added a third, stretching her wide.”

Placing Jane in front of the mirror was the best idea I’d had all week. Every twitch of her lips and flutter of her lashes was perfectly reflected, letting me know exactly how every move I made affected her.

I also had a nice view of Jane’s delectable cleavage. Her tits pressed hard against the counter, rising up in the mirror like two half-moons. Every thrust of my fingers into her pussy made her beautiful breasts jiggle.

But as enticing as she looked, I knew that she would feel even better.

Being aware that she was already nice and warmed up, I didn’t bother to sink in slowly. I plunged inside her pussy with one hard thrust that pushed Jane further up onto the countertop.

I grabbed her shoulders to steady her, but before I could ask if she was all right, she began goading me.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Jane demanded.

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I gripped her hips, digging my fingers into her soft flesh to hold her steady as I plowed her.

“Harder!” she demanded. “Hard — ”

Her sentence was cut short by the force of my hips connecting with her ass.

“Be nice to the guy who’s going to make you come,” I teased. Then I laid a nice hard smack right on her butt.

As soon as my hand made contact with Jane’s flesh, her pussy gripped my cock and sent a jolt straight to my balls, spurring me onward.

Unable to maintain my self-control for a moment longer, I just started to rail her. Every thrust of my cock had Jane’s breasts swaying uncontrollably.

Focusing my attention her reflection, I watched every expression that passed over her face as I pounded her. The hardest thrusts made her eyes close tight, her mouth falling open on a moan. Liking what I saw, I kept up the punishing pace.

At a certain point, Jane’s cunt flesh just clutched me tightly, forcing me to slow my rhythm. I gritted my teeth, feeling the inevitable explosion building inside me. Then Jane climaxed, her orgasmic cries echoing throughout the tiled room. The vise-like grip of her pussy on my cock relaxed. Now I could finally pump into her again, riding every ripple of her orgasm as I sought my own release.

With Jane’s twitching pussy massaging my cock, it wasn’t long before I reached my own peak. When her cries quieted to whimpers, I exploded inside her. A seemingly never-ending stream of come jettisoned from my cock and poured into the condom, and still I continued to thrust. Only when I was absolutely certain she’d milked me dry, did I collapse against her back, wrapping my arms around her quivering body.

Jane left my room a short time later. The following morning at breakfast, we acted like strangers. But that’s okay. Jane became a fixture at our traveling games after that weekend. She got locked out of her room often, but I was always ready and willing to help.