Coming Home

Coming Home

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Nervousness was getting the better of me as I closed the app on my phone and waited for my car to arrive.

I’d only been back in the States for two days, and I was itching to meet my pen pal.

Valerie had written to me as part of a chain restaurant’s “send a note to a soldier” promotion. Her letter arrived smelling like citrus in a crisp clean white envelope with elegant handwriting.

After the initial “thank you for your service” message, she’d gone on to talk about herself and her life. She’d joked in the letter that she was probably boring me, but I was far from bored. She was 47 to my 19 years; she was a widow to my never having had a serious relationship; and she was a bookworm — unlike my “avoid most things written” mindset. She was a librarian in her small town, which coincidentally happened to be my small town, too.

I wondered at night, as I jerked off to invented mental images of her, what would happen if we’d ever cross paths.

I wrote her back.

My letter wasn’t nearly as nicely scented, eloquent or classy as hers, but I expressed my gratitude for her note, and silently expressed my gratitude for the masturbatory fantasies it had inspired.

When you’re far from home, you take all the inspiration you can get.

Our letters became a normal thing, a back and forth that veered into flirtations — occasionally laced with sexual innuendo. Sometimes I said what I was thinking, such as: I’d love to be with you. Though we never set up anything definite, upon my return to civilian life, I decided to take a shot and see what developed.

The car I’d been waiting for pulled up, and I got in. The driver was a bored-looking girl who popped her gum so much the sound made me even more nervous.

I reread one of Valerie’s letters to distract myself.

The ride to her place only took 10 minutes and went way too fast.

I thanked the driver and took a deep breath, forcing myself to walk up Valerie’s walkway toward her pristine, white house. There were flowers just starting to poke through the dirt in the front garden, and the small home looked neat and charming.

I knocked on the door and realized my heart was pounding hard and fast. I heard footsteps and then a woman’s voice call out: “Coming! Hold on!”

I considered running, but I wanted to see her face. To see if the woman who’d written me back every time I wrote to her was as pretty as I’d imagined.

The door flew open, and she smiled at me, though she looked confused.

“Valerie? It’s me?” I handed her the last letter I’d received by way of introduction. My mouth didn’t want to work much more than that because she wasn’t just as pretty as I imagined, she was prettier. My dick was already straining against my fly.

She looked down and color filled her cheeks. She stepped back. “Get in here,” she said.

I blinked, a little startled, but entirely pleased.

“Charlie?” I stammered, inquiring about her teenage son.

“Charlie is on a school field trip. Some senior class outing. The bus doesn’t get back until tonight at 10.”

She shut the door behind her and smoothed back her blonde hair. It was a messy bob with a streak of pink near the front. She’d told me about it, writing she’d done it “for fun.” The splash of color suited her.

“So, you’re here,” she said.

“I am.”

Before I could talk myself out of it, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. Her lips parted immediately, letting my tongue invade the soft warmth of her mouth. She kissed me back, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me flush against her. No doubt she could feel the hardness of my cock pressed against her body. But she didn’t seem to mind.

Her hand slid down my chest, then over my belly. My knees felt weak as she grazed my crotch, smoothing her hand gently over my hard-on, which was growing ever harder beneath my clothes.

“I think you should take these off,” she said, tugging on my pants. Then she drew down my zipper and slipped her fingers inside my fly, stroking my cotton-covered bulge. The fact that we were one layer down — and that much closer to her touching me in the flesh — made my head swim.

I’d jerked off to this fantasy so often, it hurt my head to realized how close it was to becoming a reality.

She was staring at me with big blue eyes, and I realized I hadn’t verbally responded to her.

“Only if you take yours off,” I managed to utter, nodding toward her.

She was wearing faded jeans and a white blouse, and she looked good enough to eat, which I intended to do.

She was already sliding out of her pants. She kicked aside the denim and stood there in her blouse and blue panties.

Blue panties. I never knew how arousing they could be.

She took my hand and scooped up her jeans. “Upstairs.”

I followed her up the steps, watching her heart-shaped ass sway the whole time. I pictured bending her over and burying my cock in her, balls-deep. Taking that smooth blonde hair in my fist and tugging gently. Feeling her pussy grip me tight.

I let out a little groan, and she turned to smile at me. My cock felt impossibly hard.

In her bedroom, she put her arms in the air and stared at me. I caught the hint and pulled the flimsy top over her head. Her disheveled hair swirled around her face gently, and I bent to kiss her.

“I’m so glad you came,” she said.

I nodded.

“Now let’s see about you coming,” she added with a laugh, her lips pressed to the side of my neck. I felt my heart leap as she worked open the button on my jeans and then shoved down my waistband.

We were a flurry of motion as we tossed off the rest of our clothes, and then we stood there naked. She winked at me and dropped to her knees, cupping my balls in one delicate hand. Then she drove her perfect little mouth down my shaft and let my cock fill her mouth. She sucked me and slithered her tongue around my dick. It was perfection, and even better than I’d imagined. I tangled my fingers in her hair and tugged just enough to hear her moan. Then she gobbled me eagerly, sucking my dick with a fervor that left me lightheaded.

I found myself thrusting urgently into her mouth as she worked me, her fingers gently jostling my sac and making entirely new sensations shoot through me.

I pulled free of her when I was way too close to coming.

“She came lickety-split, crying out nonsense words as she climaxed.”

She got on the bed, and I flipped her onto her belly. She took the hint and got on her hands and knees, her perfect ass a magnificent sight to behold.

I pushed my fingers into her pussy, watching it open for me. She moved a hand up to stroke her clit, and I insisted, “Yeah, do that. Do that while I fuck you.”

Her only reply was a soft sound of pleasure.

I fucked her with my fingers until I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I brought my cockhead to her wet slit. She moved backward, urging me to enter her. I plunged into her pussy on a single hard stroke, holding her hips in my hands and pulling her back onto my dick.

Valerie moaned, and I felt her pussy contract around my cock. I gritted my teeth, wanting to make the moment last. I’d dreamed about it way too much for it to be over so quickly.

I pulled free of her pussy, heard her hiss in disappointment and then immediately drove back inside her. I did that repeatedly until I thought I’d lose my mind, and she wriggled impatiently on the end of my cock.

She finally came, her cunt growing tighter yet more slick. Every spasm threatened to drive me to the breaking point, but I managed to hold on.

I pulled away and moved her onto her back, even as she was still in the throes of her orgasm. I put my mouth on her slit, licking her clit softly until her hand came down on the back of my head and tugged my hair, urging me to increase my tempo. I lapped at her slowly until she groaned with frustration, and then she laughed with delight when I upped my pace. I flicked my tongue faster and faster until the giggles disappeared and she was bucking beneath me, mashing her cunt against my face.

Man, she tasted spectacular.

“Come again for me, Valerie,” I murmured against her slit.

I pushed two fingers inside her, jamming them in and out of her dripping snatch as I flicked my tongue fast like a hummingbird’s wings. She came lickety-split, crying out nonsense words as she climaxed. The wet ripple of her pussy around my fingers was like an aphrodisiac.

I pushed her legs high, settled my body between her thighs and drove my cock back inside her. She thrust up hard to meet me, and I felt her cunt growing tighter once more. She dragged her short fingernails down my back, raking me good. She squeezed her internal muscles hard, and I heard myself let out a low groan.

She was so wet and slick, the sensations blew my mind.

I pushed her hands above her head, pinned her there, and fucked her as fast and as hard as I needed. She took every inch of my dick, her body still spasming around me.

“I’m going to come,” I groaned.

“Fill me up, soldier boy. Fill me up.”

My eyes slammed shut because the words aroused me so much. Shutting my eyes narrowed the world down to the sole sensation of my dick driving into the wet, velvety warmth of her cunt.

She slammed up from beneath me and whispered, “Yes, like that. Like that. Right there.”

I came, bellowing as I emptied into her. After few more strokes, I finally pulled free of her, giving her another deep kiss.

“That was about 10 times more amazing than I’d imagined,” I admitted.

She smiled, crawled down the bed and started to lap at my cock, cleaning me of our commingled juices.

When she laid atop me and kissed me, I wished I was hard all over again — and my cock instantly rose to the occasion.

“It’s early,” she said. “Charlie won’t be home for a while. Let’s see if we can make it eleven times more amazing than you imagined.”

“I think that sounds like a great idea,” I answered, hardly believing my luck.

“Welcome home, soldier,” she said before giving me a long, lingering kiss.