Campus Hottie

Campus Hottie

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The hottest girl on campus wasn’t a girl.

I mean, she was definitely female. But she was no girl. She was a woman.

Her name was Janice, and I had a case of the hots for her that wouldn’t quit. I thought about her all day, and at night she starred in my dreams. She was well-built and attractive, and something about her just sent my balls humming.

I’d asked around. After her divorce she had gone back to school to become a nurse.  She was 45 years old. So I wasn’t even half her age!

For a long while, I tried to work up the nerve to approach her. I was confident talking to girls my age around school, but something about Janice made me tongue-tied.

Not to sound like a stalker… I’d noticed she went running every morning. I decided I’d do the same, so I could perhaps introduce myself to her.

I lay in my empty bed the night before with my cock throbbing as images of her flooded my mind. I didn’t know if her age was enticing me or intimidating me. Probably a little of both.

That morning I headed out on the jogging lane that ran around campus. I was a little ahead of her usual starting time, so I glanced back regularly, waiting for her to appear. My muscles buzzed with anticipation.

When Janice finally appeared, I had no chance to say anything. She went shooting by me at a sprinter’s speed. Her thick dark hair was bound up in a ponytail that bounced behind her. Her toned arms moved like pistons. I watched her firm backside, encased enticingly in stretch pants, disappear down the track.

I put on speed, desperate to catch up. Man, could she run! I’d thought myself in great shape, but Janice was like a gazelle. Every time I gained a yard, she seemed to increase her velocity. Soon she simply left me in the dust. Panting, I stumbled to a bench and sat. My head spun. I put it down between my knees, half laughing and half cursing myself. All my bold plans to seduce the woman of my dreams hadn’t even made it to the first stage.

A short while later I heard footsteps approaching before a female voice said, “You do give up easily, don’t you?”

I looked up. Janice was jogging in place, grinning at me. She barely looked winded, even though her lovely high cheekbones were glossed with sweat. Her sleeveless top clung to her, outlining her generous breasts.

“I usually bicycle for exercise,” I said lamely. “It’s a different set of muscles.”

“You’re Wayne,” she said.

I blinked in surprise. “Yeah. How you...?”

“You were asking about me, so I asked about you.” My inquiries didn’t appear to have bothered her.

“I was interested in you,” I blurted out. Then more smoothly I said, “I am interested.” I gave her my best smile.

She might have patted me on the head, called me adorable, and disappeared — and I wouldn’t have blamed her. But at least I’d finally said something.

Instead, she said with a purr in her voice, “One more time around campus. If you can keep up, I’ll give you a...treat.” It was the sort of playful sexual badinage common at this school full of horny kids. Janice carried it off admirably.

I ran the route with her. I had the feeling she was taking it just a little easy on me. We talked some. She’d always wanted to be in nursing. Now that her son was old enough to be away at university, she could pursue her dream. And yep, her son was just about my age.

Janice had a private dorm, and she took me there. I was already shivering with excitement. She was such a fit and agile woman. But more than that, she exuded a very adult determination and assurance.

As soon as her door was closed, she pulled me toward her. She was my height. Gazing mischievously into my eyes, she said, “It’s been a long time, so be good to me.” I thought she was kidding. Later I learned she hadn’t slept with another man since her divorce two years ago.

I kissed her, very softly. Her lips slowly eased open, and her tongue appeared. I met it with the tip of mine. It was an unhurried kiss, full of introductory passion. I did not want to fuck this up by rushing it.

Desire burned in me, nonetheless. Janice pulled me against her, and I felt the soft press of her tits. We kissed deeper, and she seized my head in both her hands. She traced her thumbs along my jawline and ground her mouth against mine. I slid my hands over her slender waist and dared to touch my crotch to hers. She answered by humping hard against me, and my cock surged to a pulsing hardness.

She stepped back to peel off her sweat-damp clothes, and I did the same. Her body was beautiful, brimming with vitality and the stamina that let her run mile after mile without stopping. Her dark stiff nipples stood out, and her mound was covered with closely trimmed fuzz.

We moved to her bed in a hurry. Urgency crackled in the air, along with the alluring scent of her warm flesh and aroused pussy.

“She was slick and warm inside, and she took every inch of me.”

We lay down naked together. Her smooth supple body pressed tightly against mine. She reached around for a handful of my ass, while I took one of those luscious tits in my hand and squeezed, relishing the feel of her. Her hard nipple scraped my palm. I caught it between two knuckles and tweaked it, increasing the pressure when she responded with a mewl of pleasure.

I kissed her again more wildly, letting my excitement overtake me. Up close I could see the character in her face. She wasn’t lined or wrinkled. Neither was any part of her body saggy. I realized what misguided preconceptions I’d had about middle-aged women.

I licked her throat, and then moved down to suckle her tits. She jammed them hard against my mouth, and when I nibbled her nips, she cried out. I went further south, slipping eagerly between her taut thighs. She reached down to spread her shaven pussy lips for me with her fingers.

Her aroma was tantalizing. I took a first taste of her, running my tongue tip up her open gash. The flavor stung me with pleasure as her juices flowed freely. I lapped them up, then delved inside for more. I was hungry for this woman’s pussy.

Janice reached down to rub her clit as I continued to tease her opening with my tongue. I’d never had a girl do that while I was eating her out, and the act excited me unexpectedly. She shamelessly stroked her nub while I slurped and sucked her pussy.

Her hips bucked underneath her, and she smeared my face with her honey. I licked her, and she continued to finger herself. Then with a thrashing noisy display, she came. The ambrosial evidence of her arousal poured across my tongue. I swallowed, savoring the taste and warmth of her juices.

She was more than strong enough to flip me onto my back as she positioned me for the next phase of our lovemaking. First, she licked my face clean, which sent shivers of intense excitement through my being. Then she moved southward as I had, positioning herself between my outspread legs. Her pretty eyes glittered as she beheld my achingly erect cock.

I’d been sucked off before, but I realized in the first 30 seconds of her oral attack that fully half those blowjobs had been pure amateur hour. Janice’s tongue lavished my cockhead until it gleamed with her spit. Then she sealed her lovely lips around my knob and started swallowing her way downward.

I watched in sexual rapture as she took every inch of me, sucking me right down to my shaven balls. Her cheeks were tight around my shaft. Her tongue caressed me as her head bobbed up and down in a fearless rhythm, plunging to my base every time. No gag reflex problems with this woman.

On sudden impulse, I reached down and started fondling my balls. It was something I’d never done while being sucked. My gently squeezing hand increased the pleasure of the already fantastic sucking I was receiving.

But before I could shoot off in her talented mouth, Janice rose and climbed on top of me. Her beautiful face was torn with need. She lowered her glistening pussy onto my twitching cock. I slotted up into her, feeling our bodies lock together. She was slick and warm inside, and she took every inch of me again. She shimmied her hips, and I felt my cockhead throbbing somewhere around her lowest ribs, it seemed like.

Then she started to ride me. I liked having women on top of me, but I’d never been treated quite like a bucking bronco before. She pounded her pussy up and down on my shaft. Her dark hair came out of its sweaty ponytail and fanned out wildly as she shook her head side to side. Her tits heaved as she gulped her breaths.

I reached up to maul those tits some more as she twisted and bounced. I met her furious downward plunges with upward thrusts. Our bodies smacked together loudly. Suddenly, her pussy tightened around me. I saw her body tense, and a look of ecstasy overwhelmed her. She came without any inhibitions, without shyness, letting herself fully experience the natural and necessary bliss.

When she slipped off me and rolled onto her back, I mounted her in a final fit of sexual need. Her shapely legs were opened wide. I hammered my cock into her pussy. I was delirious with pleasure, on a plane of carnal fulfillment I’d never suspected even existed.

I was seconds away from the most potent climax of my life when she said, “Spray it on me, Wayne! Please!”

I rocked back onto my knees, took my cock in my hand and showered her gorgeous body with my come. My pearly jets hit her stomach, tits and face. She cried out with a fresh orgasm, fingering her clit and running her free hand over herself, smearing my cream over her skin, kneading it into her tits and licking her fingers clean.

No doubt about it: She was the hottest girl on campus.