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When my girlfriend and I moved in together 10 years ago, we both agreed that monogamy was for the birds — literally.

She’s an ornithologist and says that many bird species mate for life.

We are very much in love and share many common interests, but have an understanding that sometimes we might want to sample other goods. We also like to travel, but not always together. I think separate expeditions have kept our relationship strong.

For instance, she is frequently going off to academic conferences or on a trip to a country I’ve never heard of to watch some grackle in its native habitat. That’s great for her, but it would be deadly boring for me. Similarly, I love contemporary music. I was a DJ for my college radio station and have amassed a huge library of sound. I like to go to music festivals that she would hate. She favors classical music.

Now, neither of us goes on these excursions with the intention of philandering, still I’ve noticed how she can come back from a stuffy conference on bird migration with a rosy glow in her cheeks. Apparently, ornithologists are very horny and kinky. On occasion, I have scored at music festivals. My girlfriend and I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which I think reduces the jealousy factor.

Last spring I packed up for a weekend in the desert, to attend a festival, of course. That year’s concert had a lot of artists I wanted to see. I always discover new bands that become favorites, too. I was excited for the music, but as usual I would be going there alone.

That particular festival allowed camping, so I brought my tent and a bunch of food, supplies and gear, which included a second sleeping bag. I like to use it as extra padding even though I can do without. But why rough it?

It can get pretty fucking hot in the desert, so once there, I slathered myself in sunscreen, took a refillable water bottle and put on a hat before heading in.

Like many big festivals, there are several different venues. I consulted my schedule and headed for the place I wanted to be. I was having a good time and keeping hydrated. I was especially enjoying the vibe of people much younger than me — I’m in my 30s, but felt much older. Occasionally I even caught a glimpse of female nipple when a girl decided to flash the crowd.

It was getting on twilight when I noticed a girl standing next to me. She was lost in the moment, swaying to the music and snapping her fingers. I thought she was a stunning California blonde. That is, until she spoke, and revealed one of the strongest Boston accents I’ve ever heard. But it didn’t diminish her beauty one bit.

“Hi!” she said cheerfully. “Are you having a good time?”

Without thinking too much I said, “I’m having a much better time now.”

She laughed appreciatively and extended her hand. “I’m Lily, all the way from Boston.”

I told her my name and said, “That’s a long trip.”

“Wicked long,” she said. “But I always come here. Well, for the last three. I love it. It’s the highlight of my year.”

I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t with anyone, so I asked, “Are you here with friends or a boyfriend?”

She frowned. “My boyfriend dumped me just a few days ago. He decided he didn’t want to come. So I’m here by myself!”

I told her I was there alone, too, though I didn’t mention I had a girlfriend back home. We continued to watch the bands, moving around the venue, enjoying one another’s company. When the shows ended for the night, I told her I was going back to my camping spot. “Where are you staying?” I asked her, wondering where this was going.

Lily got a strange look on her face. “Well, I don’t really have a place to stay. We originally made a hotel reservation, but it was in my boyfriend’s name. He canceled it, so I was going to sleep in my rental car.”

I felt like a beam of light came down out of the heavens and a choir of angels sang hallelujah. Trying not to stammer, I said, “My tent is big enough for four people. You want to share?”

Lily hesitated, and I’m sure she was sizing me up. “Okay, I guess that would be fine,” she said cautiously.

We made the long hike to her rental car to get her things — even going to a rustic concert a woman can carry a lot of stuff — and then continued hiking to my campsite. They don’t allow any open flames, but I had some sandwiches in a cooler and shared one with Lily. She was yawning a lot, and I suggested we turn in. “Okay,” she agreed, asking me to step outside while she changed into her sleeping gear, which turned out to be a T-shirt and shorts.

When I returned to the tent, there was just enough moonlight streaming in that I could sort of see the outline of her resting on my second sleeping bag, which I let her borrow.

“God, I’ve been on my feet all day,” I said. I just collapsed on my sleeping bag.

“I know, my feet are killing me,” Lily concurred.

I paused a moment and, risking her running for the hills, asked, “Would you like a foot rub?”

I’m very much into feet, and I know that my girlfriend loves foot rubs, and they don’t necessarily have to be sexual — though eventually they often are.

There was a long pause. At first I thought she might have drifted off to sleep, but after what seemed like an eternity, she said, “Okay.”

I sat up. I couldn’t see much of anything, and though I would’ve liked to have switched on a lantern I thought that would’ve seemed forward. She stuck a foot in my direction, and I cradled it in my hands. From what I could tell, it was rather large but very smooth, with no ragged nails. She took care of her feet.

I began massaging the sole and the ball of her foot, and she groaned in appreciation. I pulled on each toe individually, and she purred like a contented cat. It was all I could do to not bring her foot to my face and suck on her big toe. After a few minutes, I switched to the other foot, and when I was done she thanked me profusely, and within seconds had fallen asleep.

Although nothing else happened, I was pleased with the turn of events and went to sleep. Before long, I was having a dream where my girlfriend was sucking my cock. Something roused me from my slumber, and I realized that I was actually receiving a blowjob. Lily was sucking my dick!

It was dawn, but still fairly dark in the tent. Lily realized I was awake and paused just long enough to say, “Good morning.”

She turned on the electric lantern, and I saw that she was buck naked. Her body was amazing, with hefty tits and long legs. She pulled my pants all the way off to get better access to my groin. She began to pump my cock while licking and sucking my balls.

“Slowly and rhythmically lily fucked me, pushing her hips down on my cock.”

Now it was my turn to lay back and enjoy. She took one of my hands and pressed it against a tit, and I got the message and began massaging her. The other hand also joined in, and she straddled me and popped my cock into her pussy, which was already wet.

Slowly and rhythmically Lily fucked me, pushing her hips down on my cock. I was as hard as steel and pinched her nipples, which she acknowledged with lusty grunts.

“I like it rough,” she said, so I squeezed harder and she gasped with delight.

We switched positions so she was on her stomach, and I was behind her. She raised her ass enough for me to insert my aching erection in her cunt and begin pounding her. I was getting close to coming and she said, “Squirt it on my ass.”

I didn’t want to spoil the possibility of more fun to come, so when I was ready to blow, I pulled out and deposited my load on her shapely butt. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight.

Lily reached back and rubbed my jism into her rear end, and then she licked her fingers clean. Little did I know that I had discovered a sexual dynamo. She rolled over and spread her luscious legs wide. Her pussy was waiting for my attention, and I dove right in. I teased her a bit by kissing around her opening, but she grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her cunt.

“Eat me, damn it!” she demanded.

I licked her leaking pussy and added a finger. I concentrated on her clit while finger-banging her, and she lifted her hips and started wailing out a loud moan. I was sure we’d awakened the entire campground when she came.

We pulled ourselves together and grabbed some clothes so we could walk over to the showers. We went in together — if anybody saw us, I doubt it would have raised an eyebrow — and made out under the spray. My dick got hard again, and she dropped to her knees and sucked me some more.

When the concert began for the day, we went for about an hour, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We both agreed to go back to the tent and reasoned we could see that singer anytime, but we only had a day left together. The campground was pretty much empty so we climbed inside the tent, stripped down and began fucking. I wanted to take her missionary-style, looking into her beautiful blue eyes. She wrapped her legs around me and squeezed, and raked her fingers up and down my back. When she said she liked it rough, she wasn’t kidding.

I came inside her, and she stuck fingers inside her pussy and pulled my load out, again tasting it.

“Your come is so sweet,” she said, smiling, as if she had just said I made a good cup of coffee.

We spent the rest of the day and night fucking in every position possible. My cock was raw by the time we were done, and she had to take some ice out of the cooler, wrap it in a paper towel and press it against her well-used cunt.

Lily and I parted ways, knowing we would never see each other again. I drove home with the smell of her pussy on my hands. When I got back to the house my girlfriend was there to greet me. She took one look at me and said, “You look well fucked.”

I winked at her and said, “I have no comment.”