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That one,” I said, nudging Adam with my elbow. “I want that one.”.

He appraised my selection and wagged his eyebrows delightedly before taking a sip of his whiskey. “Let me see what I can do.”

I watched him saunter over and work his magic. He bought the guy a drink. Pointed me out. Gave the guy a nutshell version of what we wanted.

Occasionally, our targeted guy would think we were planning to roll him and take his money. But if you take a good look at us, you can see we’re just in it for the fucking. Otherwise, we’re pretty tame people.

I studied the men together. Adam is tall and dark-haired with green eyes. The stranger was shorter, stockier, with dirty-blond hair. I couldn’t see his eyes too well from where I sat, but I would wager they were blue. Maybe brown. Brown was my second guess.

I saw Adam shake the guy’s hand and then watched him move back through the crowded bar toward me. He sat down and waved over the bartender.

“One more, and then I go home and fuck you,” he said after placing his order.

I banged my elbow against his. “Come on. How did it go?”

“It went fine.” He drained his drink and accepted the new one.

I waited and waited, but he simply looked down at the bar.

Finally, I grabbed his bicep. “Tell me, or I’ll pull your arm off and beat you with it.”

He lost his composure and started laughing. “His name is Todd, and he’s meeting us at the hotel tomorrow night at seven. We can check in and get cozy, then I’ll text him our room number.”

“And how does he feel about this. Is he only into you? Into me?”

“He says he’s ‘flexible,’ so it sounds like anything goes.”

I wiggled in my seat. I’d been hopeful, then excited. But now I was giddy. The thought of us sharing a night with Todd made me squirm.

“What color are his eyes?” I asked.

Adam blinked. “What? Oh, brown. They’re brown.”

I snapped my fingers. “Damn, so close.”

He took hold of my fingers and kissed them.

“Hurry up,” I whispered in his ear. “Take me home and fuck me. Tell me all the things we’ll do with Todd.”

When we got home he practically tore my dress off. Occasionally adding a third party to our sex life did amazing things to my husband. He tossed my dress over his shoulder and tore his pants open in a mad rush. Once we were both naked, he pushed me back until my legs hit the mattress and I dropped down on my ass.

He put a hand between my breasts and nudged me, so I lay down on my back. Then he dropped to his knees, slung my legs over his shoulders and shoved his hands beneath my ass before going at me with his tongue like a starving man.

“I want to see him eat this pussy,” he said when he paused for air. “I want to see him fuck this pussy.”

I shoved my hands into his hair and held him there for a moment, forcing his mouth against my aching slit.

In between sucks and licks, he rambled about the sexual things we’d do. My pleasure grew as his filthy words washed over me.

“I want him to fuck your ass. Or my ass. Someone’s ass … ” Adam muttered.

I groaned. I was so close. When he talked dirty to me I usually came quickly. I tried to hold on, but I was losing my battle.

“Or I could fuck his ass. Or you could grab your strap-on and fuck his ass … ”

He murmured those last words against my pussy while he ate me, and when he slid a thick finger inside me I lost it. I came, pulling his hair and crying out like a mad woman.

“I flashed my husband a smile, but lost it when Todd drove deep.”

He flipped me onto my belly, grabbed my hips and drove into me fast and hard. Once I was impaled on his rod, he wrapped one hand in my long hair, twisting it around until he had a good hold of me. He fucked me fast and deep, his lean hips slamming against my ass as he rode me roughly.

I slid a hand beneath my belly and found my clit. I strummed it with shaking fingers as his cock hit the most tender spot inside me. He was pushing me closer to coming again, and he knew it. He slowed and made a point of driving deep and hitting that perfect place repeatedly until I was sobbing with pleasure. My orgasm was so close I could feel it vibrating in every cell of my body.

With just a few more thrusts, I came with a bellow. Adam pulled out of my cunt and wet his finger with my overflowing juices. He eased that digit in and out of my ass as I moaned. Then he slid the slick tip of his cock over my back hole and inched into me slowly. I pushed back to take him, my body shaking from the orgasm that was still causing my empty pussy to spasm. After only a few strokes, he clutched my hips and grunted, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

We were exhausted and nearly breathless, but I kissed him and  whispered, “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

By the time Todd arrived at our room the following night we were both nearly out of our minds with lust. I began to help our guest out of his clothes about two minutes after he’d entered the room. He laughed.

“I had no idea I’d get such a welcome.”

I kissed him and tasted peppermint on his lips. “We only have one rule. No kissing Adam. That’s just for me.”

Todd nodded and said, “I can abide by that,” as I tugged at the button fly on his jeans. His cock was already hard, and it sprang out of his pants the moment I managed to yank them down.

I glanced at Adam and then dropped to my knees, taking Todd’s thick cock in my mouth. I sucked him slowly. Adam came up behind me and put his hand on my head. He pushed me down the length of Todd’s dick, and then gentled his touch as I withdrew. He kept his hand in place as a guide while I worked my mouth up and down that beautiful cock.

I pulled back and then Adam got on his knees beside me. I inched over and watched him draw Todd’s hard erection into his mouth. He sucked it down and breathed through his nose. Todd thrust forward hard, and Adam’s eyes watered as he struggled to swallow our new friend’s dick.

Excitement uncoiled in my belly. I tugged Todd’s arm and led him to the bed, drawing him away from my husband.

“Fuck me,” I said to Todd. I laid back and spread my legs for him. He didn’t hesitate. He moved between my thighs and slid his thick shaft inside me. My pussy was dripping wet, and I was beyond horny. When Adam moved near me and put his cock against my lips, I sucked it eagerly, arching to take him into my throat.

Todd put my ankles on his shoulders, lifting me just enough so he could slide in and out of me with ease and watch his progress — and Adam’s as he fucked my mouth.

I was weak with pleasure, laid out between them as I took one dick in my pussy and another in my mouth. I played my tongue along Adam’s length, reaching up to cup his balls as the other man plowed my cunt.

Todd’s thumb found my clit and started to swirl against my button. He slowed his hips, fucking me with an easy rhythm.

His thumb came down harder, rubbing my own moisture over my swollen clit. Adam groaned above me, pulling free of my mouth and simply jerking his cock slowly as he watched Todd fuck me. I knew that look. That look said he was close to coming.

I flashed my husband a smile, but lost it when Todd rubbed me hard and drove deep, making me come. My body trembled and bowed with the intensity of my climax. My pussy milked his driving dick, and he let his eyes drift shut for a moment as he gradually slowed his rhythm before pulling free of me and nodding to Adam.

“Come down here and eat this pussy, while I have a turn at that ass of yours,” Todd said, his voice raspy.

A moan slipped out of me, and I thought I’d die just from imagining what he was proposing.

Adam got between my thighs and started to eat me. He played his lips and tongue along my clitoris and pushed his fingers inside my pussy. I watched Todd get behind my husband and spit on his fingers before slipping them between Adam’s cheeks to toy with his hole.

Grabbing hold of my husband’s cheeks, Todd pulled them apart and aimed his dick at his target. Adam groaned against my pussy as Todd’s cockhead nudged his asshole. I sighed and ran my fingers through his hair as he continued to lap at me.

“Relax,” I whispered. “You know you want it.”

As if acknowledging his desire, Adam pushed back. I felt him shiver as Todd breached his hole. Todd’s big hands were gripping Adam’s hips tightly, and then he began to rock, thrusting hard and clenching his jaw. Every time he drove into Adam, it rocked my husband against me. His mouth and teeth worked me as his nose nudged my mound. I knew Todd wouldn’t last long — and I wouldn’t either. Not while I was watching that good-looking guy pound my husband’s ass.

I raised my hips, jamming my cunt against Adam’s mouth. Todd reached down and grabbed ahold of Adam’s short hair, holding him against my pussy as Adam sucked me desperately, drawing on the hard knot of my clit.

I gasped, watching Todd buck against my husband as he rapidly approached his own peak. Tweaking my nipples, I savored the bite of pain that zipped from my breasts to my cunt.

“Yes,” I said on a moan.

Adam nipped at me, then gentled his tongue as he twirled it along my slippery slit.

“Come for us,” Todd said, looking into my eyes.

Adam pushed his fingers into my pussy and curled them, and I edged even closer to climaxing. Every time Todd rocked forward, Adam grunted. The vibration traveled through me, augmenting the goodness of every lick, every thrust.

“Jerk off,” I whispered to my husband.

Adam looked up at me and obeyed, but his mouth never stopped.

I could feel the motion of his arm moving beneath him. He continued to eat me, driving the fingers of one hand into me while he jerked his cock with the other. But as he worked, he was at the mercy of our guest, who held him steady and continued to ream him.

Adam’s arm was moving briskly, and I was gritting my teeth. The bliss of his mouth on me was becoming overwhelming.

Todd grunted, hissed, held on tight and thrust hard. He was rapidly losing his self-control.

Adam bucked as he came, and watching him set me off. I climaxed with a loud cry, just as Todd pulled free of Adam and shot his load all over my husband’s back.

I tried to get myself together and finally managed to utter, “Wow.”

“Wow is right,” Todd said, smiling at us. “Anyone up for a shower and then round two?”

Adam and I didn’t have to be asked twice.