A Thousand Shades of Red

A Thousand Shades of Red

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Patrick and Annie open their bedroom to a third to double her pleasure.

My wife, Annie, has a knack for drawing men’s attention, and I couldn’t help but notice Bill noticing her. She has always been quite noticeable. She is fairly tall and willowy, with small, pert breasts and flaming red hair that has never seen a bottle of dye. Her eyes are a startling blue, and her cheeks almost always appear slightly flushed, as if someone has just whispered something dirty in her ear.

That night she was wearing a black dress and black boots and big silver earrings. She’d applied very little makeup, and she was laughing at someone’s joke. All that added up to her being completely stunning and getting quite a bit of male attention. But Bill, well, poor Bill looked downright smitten.

My wife glanced at me and gave a little finger wave, and then went back to her conversation. A moment later her gaze returned to me as if she’d read my mind or felt my emotions. I nodded pointedly at poor, lovestruck Bill and then headed his way.

She studied him for a moment, then gave me a subtle nod of approval. Then her full attention was back on her friends, and I was left to do my thing.

I do it so well.

“Hi, Bill. Enjoying yourself?”

He started when I snuck up behind him, no doubt wondering if I’d seen him ogling my wife.

“Good…um, yes,” he finished weakly. “Thanks for having me.”

“We’re glad to have you,” I said, while thinking that we’d be even happier to have him in another way, too. I took his empty cup and led him to the small bar area we’d set up in the corner of the living room. This took us closer to where Annie was standing.

I served him another beer from the keg and nodded in her general direction. “Have you met my wife, Annie? I don’t think I’ve made the rounds yet with all of my co-workers.”

“Just to say hi at the door,” Bill replied, swallowing hard before downing half of his fresh beer in seconds. Yeah, he was a little nervous.

I took his elbow and led him along like a child. “Well, that was rude of me. Let me introduce you. You’ll like my wife.” I squeezed his elbow slightly when I said the words and felt his body go rigid.

If I were a meaner guy I’d have laughed.

Instead, I waved at Annie and called out, “I neglected to introduce you two because I’m a rude ass.”

She laughed as we approached and held out her hand just as I said, “Bill, this is Annie. Annie, this is Bill. We work together in the trenches.”

“Ah, those dreaded banking trenches.” I saw her hand flex as she squeezed his.

Bill’s face went red, and he uttered a desperate sound.

I gave them a topic — the snowstorm we’d had the week before — and then I wandered off to fetch a plate of food to bring back to our sudden three-person party. If I plied him with liquor, lust and appetizers, maybe he’d join me in fucking my wife.

Later, when I got him alone, it was a pretty straightforward conversation.

“Bill, Annie and I like to invite someone to join us for a threesome   from time to time.”

He raised an eyebrow. His blush got deeper, and he shifted from one foot to the other. But to his credit, he didn’t flinch.

“I see,” he managed to say with some difficulty.

“We’d like that to be you. If you can swing it.”

I nearly laughed at my pun, but I managed to tamp down my chuckle.

“I think I can,” he said, sounding a little more confident. His eyes strayed to my wife. I saw him tracking her trim body, her curves, the way she moved.

“Excellent. Then you should come back tomorrow night when it’s just us. We can have some drinks. We can have some conversation. We can have some sex.”

His gaze shot to mine, and I smiled. “She’s really quite good. Very tight, hot, wet pussy. Giving in bed. She can suck a cock like nobody’s business and truly enjoys doing it.” I put my hand on his shoulder. “And we all know that’s the secret to good cock-sucking.”

I could see, after just a quick glance, that his dick had gotten hard. His khakis were tented as I continued to speak.

“She likes to be taken from behind. She likes to be taken face-to-face. She likes it up the ass — ”

His eyes went wide, and I let the sentence trail off.

“What time?” he asked me.

“Say six?”

“I’ll be here.”

I watched him wander through the crowd and go into the guest bathroom.

Annie followed my gaze as two women chatted with her. Seeing Bill depart, she glanced at me. I winked, and she grinned. She licked her lips and excused herself, saying something to the shorter blonde that made the woman laugh. Then my Annie headed toward the guest bathroom.

I watched her hip check the doorknob, which only the two of us knew would jar it just enough to pop the lock. We’d been meaning to get it fixed forever but never had. She gave me another little wave and then went inside the small room. She shut the door behind her.

“I glanced at Annie’s face. She returned my gaze with sex-drunk eyes.”

I waited, with my heart pounding and my cock straining against my pants. I wanted to hear about what she’d seen and did inside that little room.

When she came out a few moments later, she headed down the hall toward the laundry room. That part of the house was dark. No one was back there.

I quickly followed, weaving through the crowd and shouting out greetings. I waved to guests but never stopped.

I locked the connecting door between the living room and the laundry area. She was in the corner by the washer, with her back pressed to the wall.

“Well?” I said to my co-conspirator.

“Well, our guest was having quite a go at himself.” She giggled and held her hands out for me.

I stepped into her offered embrace and grabbed her hips. I kissed her mouth and then ran my lips down her slender neck. I scraped my teeth over her collarbone, and she shivered.

“He was jerking off?”

“You bet he was. He was jerking off like crazy, and when I walked in and surprised him, he came.”

“The very sight of you made him climax.”

“Something like that.”

I hauled her closer to me so she could feel how hard my cock was. I kissed her again. “What did you do?”

She shrugged and touched my lower lip. I sucked her fingertip into my mouth and drew on it the way I would her nipple or her clit. She hummed softly, her big eyes drifting shut.

“I leaned down and sucked his dick into my mouth. Just the tip.”

I growled in her ear. “And him?”

“He made a little whimpering noise, and then I asked him if I would be ‘seeing him again tomorrow.’ He nodded. So I smiled at him and walked out.”

I shoved her short black dress up around her waist and yanked her lace panties down. She kicked them off and spread her legs for me. I pushed my fingers into her pussy and found her unbelievably wet.

“Fuck me,” she whispered against my mouth. “Fuck me right here, right now.”

I undid my fly and popped my button. I let my pants slide down to my knees, and then I hooked my arm under her leg and hiked it up, spreading her pussy open for me. She arched her body against me. I felt her slick wetness meet my cock and snarled in her ear.

I drove into her, pressing her back hard against the wall. She sighed into my mouth as I rammed into her. She held me when I tried to withdraw, keeping me close and tight to her body so I was driving into her with short, brutal thrusts.

“Fuck me through the wall,” she demanded, chuckling darkly in my ear.

I pinned her there, pounding her hard as she whispered in my ear, “I sucked the tip of him, tasted his come, watched his face. He was so surprised. And salty…”

I groaned.

“I licked him, and soon you’ll see him lick me. And fuck me.”

I came, and she came with me, her body milking my cock as I emptied into her.

She brushed her vibrant hair behind her ear and smiled.

“I have to go fix my makeup, handsome. We have a party to get back to.”

I took a moment to let my body regulate itself before returning to the party.

Bill had already left. I would have bet money he went for round two with his cock when he got home, remembering my wife sucking his dick in the bathroom.

The next night, he showed up right on time. I poured us each a drink. Beer for the boys. Wine for Annie, but I knew for a fact she wouldn’t drink it. She never did beforehand, but sometimes our guests wanted a little booze to loosen up, and she felt it was good to at least hold a glass to put them at ease.

“So, you don’t…mind?” Bill asked me, downing half his IPA in a single draw.

“No. I enjoy it as much as she does. If anything, you can look at it as just something else we do as a couple.”

He turned bright red but gave a nod of understanding, then quickly finished his beer.

He let out a breath and all of a sudden, looked a bit more at ease.

“Don’t worry about a thing,” I said to Bill. “It’ll be fun.”

“It’s cool. I’m not worried, I swear.”

“Can we possibly worry about little old me?” Annie asked, batting her eyelashes as she set her untouched glass of wine down gently on the sidebar.

“I think we can do that,” I told my wicked wife.

“I don’t think that’s a problem at all,” Bill chimed in.

Annie turned on her heels and started toward the steps. “Good. Follow me. I’m the one with the pussy and” — she glanced over her shoulder swaying her hips — “this ass.”

“Oh, that ass,” I said appreciatively.

We followed her dutifully, and I was glad to see Bill now looked more eager and less nervous. He was smiling as we followed my wife upstairs.

In the bedroom, Annie turned and asked, “Who’s going to undress me?”

I nodded to Bill. “Be our guest.”

Bill stepped forward, losing some of his cool and looking like he might faint.

“Don’t be shy,” Annie said encouragingly. She took his hands and guided him to the tie on her cashmere sweater. He pulled the bow, and the garment opened at the neck. Then Annie put her hands in the air and said, “Off.”

He pulled the sweater up over her head, and her hair flared around her lovely face. Beneath she wore a gray bra. He ran his fingers over the lace, and I saw her nipples pebble beneath. She moaned softly, and he pinched her nubs through the thin fabric. Then he unhooked the back strap, and she shrugged the bra off.

He stepped in and grabbed ahold of her breasts. He squeezed, and she sighed, moving her hips as if to urge him on with the desperate language of her body. Bill skimmed his hands down her sides, swept them across her belly, slid them down her hips, and then cupped that perfect heart-shaped ass I adore.

“Take off my pants,” she said. Then she cast me a coy glance.

“I watched him tongue her through the panties, which drove her wild.”

I watched him, waiting and hoping he’d get a move on because, Jesus Christ, I wanted to stick my cock in her somewhere. My wife never failed to excite me. Ever.

He pushed her velour leggings down. I watched as he revealed her hips, her gray lace panties, her calves, her ankles. She’d stayed barefoot to keep shit simple.

When she stood there in only her undies, he did something I hadn’t anticipated. He dropped to his knees and put his face to the gusset of her panties. His mouth pressed to her mound, and she shut her eyes and snapped her hips forward. I watched him tongue her through the panties, an act — which I knew for a fact — drove her wild.

“Pull them down,” I said, finally, because I was losing my mind watching and not acting.

He tugged them down slowly — making me wait, making her wait. Maybe Bill was getting the hang of this, after all.

She stepped out of her panties, and he left them on the floor. He pushed her stance a bit wider, held her hips and slid his tongue along her folds. Annie shoved a hand in his hair and humped his face. He clutched her hips tighter to keep her from moving. She whimpered when his tongue finally found her clit. She shut her eyes and let her head fall back as he ate her energetically.

Bill’s fingers dug into her flesh, his grip so tight I could see where her skin blanched. He licked her harder, and she forced her eyes open wide and looked at me. I started to take my clothes off, and she watched me with heavy lids. Then she came, suddenly, her teeth worrying her lower lip. Bill sat back and looked at her with a glossy mug.

I moved fast, picking up my wife and depositing her on the bed. While I was at it, Bill took the opportunity to finally undress.

“On your belly,” I said, and Annie immediately obeyed.

She was splayed out across the bed, and I motioned for Bill to get behind her.

“Take her,” I instructed.

Annie moaned, but Bill just nodded. He got up on the bed and yanked on her hips, raising her onto her knees. Her ass swayed as she egged him on. Bill just gazed at her, pulled her cheeks apart and peered at her pink, wet flesh. He ran his hands across her plump ass cheeks and then slipped a finger inside her cunt. I glanced at Annie’s face. She returned my gaze with shiny, sex-drunk eyes.

“Enter her slowly,” I said, reaching down to stroke her cheek.

She turned her head and sucked my finger into her mouth. She drew on it hard, then soft, then hard again. My cock twitched. It was so hard I could barely stand it. I ached to empty into her. Instead, I ran my thumb along her lower lip, and her mouth popped open. But I just stood there, watching while Bill sank his dick into her slowly, as I had instructed.

His pelvis was flush against her ass when he was fully seated. She whimpered, her pussy packed full.

“Good?” I asked.

“Very good,” she sighed.


Bill looked at me and cocked an eyebrow. His hands moved restlessly along my wife’s ass, the backs of her thighs, her sides.

“Slow. Deep. Stay deep, and don’t go crazy. Don’t try to fuck her into next week or anything. With Annie, slow and steady wins the orgasms.”

I chuckled, and she blushed. She pushed back against him, urging him to move with her body. He accepted my coaching and kept his body close to hers. He barely withdrew before thrusting deep again.

I finally gave in to my cravings and dragged the tip of my achingly hard cock along her lips, spreading my pre-come like gloss.

Annie licked her lips, darting that pretty pink tongue of hers out to lap at my cockhead. I curled my fingers in her hair and looked down at her. “How’s he doing?”

“Good, good…” She shut her eyes. “Very good.”

Bill seemed to be doing a number on my wife’s vocabulary, which was shrinking by the second. I’d heard enough, though, and filled her face with my dick. In response, she sucked, drawing on me gently and working her tongue along my shaft. Bill and I locked eyes across the lovely expanse of her back. She reared toward him every time he drove into her.

“Stick your finger in her asshole,” I said. “She’ll love it.”

He blushed a thousand shades of red but drove his thumb into her ass slowly. He shut his eyes and clenched his jaw. I nearly did the same as Annie moaned rapturously around my shaft.

“Don’t you come,” I warned Bill, “not yet. You need to make her climax one more time.”

He nodded and clenched his jaw even more tightly.

I held her lovely face and shoved myself into her throat. She sucked air in through her nose and her eyes watered, but she sucked and sucked and took me deep. The way she always does.

“What a sweet mouth,” I said. “I won’t last long. Watching him fuck you. Feeling your mouth on my dick.”

“Put your right leg up, Bill.”

He looked surprised but put his right foot on the bed. Still fucking her. Still pushing his thumb in and out of her asshole.

Annie sighed and shoved herself back against him. She mewled.

“That’s the magic spot,” I said. “You found it.”

He grunted, held her hips, pushed deep into her pussy, and she increased her pressure on my cock.

“That’s it. That’s what our girl needs.”

She whimpered, sucking me, lapping at me, trying to focus on sucking my dick and failing. It didn’t matter. Seeing her in such a frenzy is what pushed me closer to the edge. I wanted to see his come decorating her pale, freckled skin. I wanted to feel my cock empty into the plush warmth of her mouth.

“My cock was so hard I could barely stand it. I ached to empty into her.”

He kept his leg up; he kept fucking her slow and deep and then his eyes went wide.

I looked down at Annie. “Are you wet, darling?”

She nodded a bit and only sucked me harder.

“Like a river,” Bill added.

“She’s close,” I said. “Keep going. Deeper. A little faster.”

He complied, and I heard — and felt — Annie groan. He pistoned his hips faster, and I fucked her mouth a little harder. Her lips tightened around my shaft, even as her tongue swirled and lapped at me. And then she stopped, her mouth falling open and her body convulsing. She cried out as she came, and Bill hissed, “Jesus, she’s drenched.”

“Don’t you come inside her,” I said. “Shoot on her back. On her ass.”

He nodded, his jaw tight and his face red.

I looked down at her. “Suck that cock, baby. Take my cock. All of it.”

She let me fill her throat once again. She sucked me softly at first but quickly amped up her intensity. I gripped her hair and felt the velvet wet warmth of her tongue on my length. Her mouth was so hot, so perfect.

I grunted, losing my grip. I came, filling her throat and her mouth. But she never broke her stride, lapping at me and drinking down my cream.

Bill was watching, and the sight of me coming seemed to flip a switch in him. He pulled free of her at the last second and gripped his cock hard, giving it a few short jerks. Then he painted her lovely skin with his come. Thick white ropes of it splashed her round ass.

She arched back, groaning and writhing.

Bill had been a good choice. I wondered if we could grab dinner and regroup before enjoying another encounter. I looked at Annie, and I could tell — she was wondering the exact same thing.