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Domination & Discipline: Though he wasn’t her type at all, he was still ripe to be dominated

I’m 28, and got into domination a couple of years ago. It’s easy, because most men think with their cocks. I usually pick guys about my age who are extremely well-built and really handsome. But recently I got new neighbors, with a short, wimpy-looking 19-year-old son, and for some reason I can’t explain, he turned me on. He was a college freshman—and a virgin, I figured. I turned on the charm and offered him a deal: I would let him drive my Porsche to school for a week to impress the chicks if he promised to be my slave for the weekend. He quickly agreed. Friday arrived and Devon showed up at my door right on time. I told him the rules: He was not to talk unless he was spoken to, and he had to do everything I said. If he hesitated, he would be punished. He... read more

Booty Time: She couldn’t not read the magazine—and all the rest simply followed

While straightening our bedroom one afternoon, my wife found a copy of Pent-house Letters. At first, she told me later, she was upset, but curiosity got the best of her, and soon she was sitting on the bed reading. She got so horny that when I got home that evening she practically jumped on me! We found that when we read the magazine together, it invariably led to a sexual marathon. So in time we made it a ritual each month, the night the new Penthouse Letters came out. Sophia starts by taking a long bath, then puts on sexy lingerie and retires to the bedroom, where I join her. She gets hot so fast that early on I made it a habit to refrain from removing her panties, or even touching her pussy, as long as I could. This usually gets her even more excited! Last month on our “reading” night I found Sophia in our bedroom, in bed, in lacy black panties and a white pleated button-down shirt. When she looked up from the magazine, I could tell she was already excited. I smiled and slipped in bed beside her, then caressed her leg and moved my hand slowly up the inside of her thigh to the crotch of her soaked... read more

Kinky Cougars: She loves women, she loves pantyhose, she loves them together

When I was in college I had a two-year affair with my roommate, Kate, who not only taught me the joys of loving a woman, but introduced me to the added pleasures of having sex while wearing pantyhose. Kate and I often made love through the pantyhose we were wearing, and ever since then, just thinking about the feeling of a woman’s hose-covered pussy rubbing against mine makes me shiver with desire. During my first marriage, my next-door neighbor, Loren and I made love with each other as often as we could. Loren also shared my love of pantyhose. But after she moved away, my desire for women seemed to have waned—until just recently. Then it came back in full force. The trouble was that the woman I fantasized about was Loren’s daughter, Jeri. Jeri was now 19 years old and a classmate of my daughter at the local university. Since I had known her as a child when her mother and I were secret lovers, it was only natural that I should have invited her to stay at our house when she came back to our area to go to school. I was both excited and a bit disturbed when it turned out that Jeri, like her mother, loved wearing pantyhose. She had long shapely legs, and almost always wore short skirts and black pantyhose. I found myself strongly turned on by this, but I knew I had to control my desires, as Jeri was so much younger than me, not to mention being the daughter of one of my oldest friends. One day I was outside when... read more

Someone’s Watching: She liked to do it with a variety of men, especially in public.

I am a woman in her mid-30s who has been married to a wonderful man for almost 10 years. One of the reasons I think Sam is wonderful is because he lets me sleep with other men whenever the mood strikes me. Since we’ve been married I’ve done it with about 20 different men. Sometimes my husband watches, but often he is content with having me regale him with the salacious details while he enjoys sloppy seconds. Another thing I enjoy very much is having sex in public places. The possibility of being seen by a stranger really turns me on, and makes my orgasms even stronger. I have frequently masturbated in our car for the entertainment of passing truckers, or even let a new lover take me in the back seat as my husband drives down the freeway. On occasion Sam and I have had sex in a large public park not very far from our home. The last time we did that was just this past weekend, with some most interesting results. The evening started out with Sam and me attending a charitable auction event, which turned out to be very dull. I had dressed up for the evening, hoping to possibly pick up a new lover, and was wearing a long silver sheath dress that hugged my body like a second skin, with a slit high up on one side, underneath which I had on only a pair of crotchless... read more

Wives Gone Wild: For his promiscuous wife, it seemed, the more the merrier

Some weeks ago I got off work about an hour earlier than usual, and headed home. When I got there I was surprised to see Kenny’s truck in front of the house, but I didn’t think much about it. I went in through the back door as usual, and when I looked into the living room I saw my wife Nora and my friend Kenny sitting on the couch naked. He was caressing one of her titties as she slowly stroked his semi-hard dick. I was stunned as I stood in the living room doorway, and I guess I made some kind of noise. Kenny dropped his hand from my wife’s tit and looked up at me, while she merely lowered her head and continued to stroke his dick. “Well,” Kenny said, “I guess you finally caught us. I knew it had to happen sometime. Maybe you ought to leave for a little while if you don’t want to watch me fuck your wife.” In absolute shock, I went in and sat down in a chair across from them. “No,” was all I could say. “I’m not going anywhere. How long has this been going... read more

True Romance: From each other they get the kind of loving their spouses don’t give

The last year and a half I’ve been working with an exceptional lady. Classy, charming, beautiful, personable—-traits that are really unusual in my line of work (which I can’t specify because of its sensitive nature). Chelsea’s one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever been around. I was distracted from the start by her lush blonde hair, sparkling eyes and incredibly taut body. At first, though, I tried to hide my attraction to her. I wanted to treat her with the respect due any capable coworker. The fact that we’re both married added to my resolve not to act on my urges. Then a ridiculous work load had us spending more time with each other than our spouses. As we became closer friends, we learned that neither of us had the idyllic marriage the world thought. One night while we were out of town at a conference Chelsea stopped by my room to find out why I had behaved strangely at dinner and wound up staying up most of the night. We talked about our marriages, then held each other, sharing some tentative but tender and exciting... read more