May 2015 Penthouse Letters Issue

May 2015 Issue

In this issue:
– Video Inside
– Prepare To Be Teased And Pleased!
– Surprise! It’s A Strap-On
– Look Who Came To The Party
– Seductive Milf: Gets Mouthy
…and much, much more!
Check it out!

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Kinky Cougars

 After she found him with his head in her bra, things escalated   I did some work for Grace, a woman that is about 10 to 15 years older than me. (I’m in my very late 30s.) The job was to move her washer and drier to the basement and do some cabinet work.... read more

True Confessions

 Ms. Alive, Ready and Obedient   Until I was 18, I was a short, heavyset, shy girl, totally lacking in self-confidence, the top nerd of my senior class. But then I had a later-than-usual growth spurt. I grew to be five feet eight and slimmed down to 125... read more

Someone’s Watching


This story took place well over 30 years ago, and I still had to get permission from my wife to tell it to you!
At the time, Joyce and I were close friends with a couple named Luke and Lana, the nicest people you could want to be with. The four of us were just about inseparable, going to ballgames, movies, picnics and dinners together.

read more

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