August 2015 Penthouse Letters Issue

August 2015 Issue

In this issue:
– Video Inside
– Scandalous Tales Of Torrid Sex!
– Nympho Wife: Makes Hubby Oh So Happy!
– Stop Smoking?: How Will She Satisfy Her Oral Fixation?
– Erotic Massage: Rubs Her The Right Way
…and much, much more!
Check it out!

Spotlight: On Sloppy Seconds

My wife Eileen and I have been happily married for three years. The first time I saw her I knew I had to have her. She has long brown hair, a tiny waist and full, massive breasts, with prominent nipples that stick out a good half-inch when she’s aroused. Which is... read more

Fiction: The Bachelorette

The dancer’s name was “Hot Chocolate,” and he looked luscious enough to swallow in one big slurp. He strutted across the stage with a grin, flexing muscles that rippled in all the right places. From his shaved head to his ripped and toned chest and abs, he was... read more

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