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– Video Inside
– Kinky! Wanton! Ball-Draining Tales!
– “Yes, Master!” She Yearns To Be Dominated
– Is Cheating The Answer To A Happy Marriage?
– Stripper Cop Has Her Assume The Position
…and much, much more!
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True Confessions: Road Trip To Biracial Bliss Part 2: Theater Gang Bang

As we pulled out of the motel parking lot, I reminded Chris that on the way there for my rendezvous we’d seen a sign for an adult video store off a highway exit and I’d asked him if we could maybe take a look at it on our way back if it wasn’t too late. I had heard some intriguing things about the place, such as that one could put on private shows or even host a gang bang in their private viewing booths.

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Someone’s Watching: She had a generous older friend, but could she keep him in line?

My friend Rosalie is a stunning 20-year-old Hispanic beauty, who tends to be sexually adventurous. She is five feet three and 125 pounds, with a curvy body and breasts that are amazingly round, firm and perky. She and I were lovers for a brief time, but she was a bit too wild for me, and as hot as she was, I finally decided that it would be better if we were just friends. Rosalie was not happy about this, but she finally came to terms with it—or so I thought.

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