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My husband Bill and I have been friends with Sandra and Larry for several years. Bill and Larry are avid fishermen, and each year they spend a week in the spring at a fishing resort in Michigan. Sandra and I don’t mind. While our men are trolling for lake trout and swatting mosquitoes, we take ourselves to places like New York or Chicago, where we do all the things the guys don’t care to do. We go to the opera, visit museums, browse at boutiques or antique shops, dine in bistros, soak up local culture and shop to our hearts’ content. It’s an arrangement made in heaven. This spring we opted for San Francisco. To save money, we agreed to share a room at the hotel in the Haight-Ashbury district where we would be staying. On our first afternoon we went bar-hopping. We wandered from one watering hole to another, trying whatever specialty drinks they had. By the time we got back to our room it was time for dinner, but we were feeling no pain, and neither of us had much of an appetite. I tossed my purse onto the bed and sort of collapsed there myself. I kicked off my sandals, but didn’t have enough ambition even to get out of my sundress. The room felt like it was slowly spinning around. “You better take a nap,” Sandra said. “I’m going to soak in the tub.” I rolled onto my side and closed my eyes. I was soon dozing, and for some reason I started to dream about my college roommate. JoAnn had been beautiful and sophisticated,... read more


I am a married woman, five feet four with a pretty good body. My husband has been hinting for a long time that he would like to have a threesome. He has also been wanting to try anal sex, but up to now I have never agreed to either idea. However, her reads Penthouse Letters all the time, and if he reads this letter and gets turned on by it instead of getting pissed off, then maybe—just maybe—he could be in for a treat. I am writing this at my girlfriend Sasha’s house, on the last day of a three-day visit. Earlier today Sasha and I went to a beauty salon and had a massage, which always gets me horny. When we got back to her house we started drinking and talking. She told me about her problems (mostly the lack of a sex life) and I told her how horny my husband always is. I also told her, in fairness, that he has a very talented tongue, and loves to suck my pussy until I squirt in his mouth. As I went on talking about my sex life, Sasha came over and walked around behind me, then put her arms around my waist and began to nibble on my neck. It felt great. When she moved her hands up to my tits, my nipples got hard and a small moan escaped my lips. She began to rub my nipples while she kissed my neck, then pulled my shirt up and slid it off over my head. Now I had only played around with one girl before, back in... read more


Last week I invited my friend Tina to ride with my boyfriend Arnie and me in the cab of his semi truck while he made a delivery to a customer in the next state. It was a fairly long trip, so to pass the time we decided to play a little game of Truth or Dare. Tina and I are both 23, while Arnie is 34. I knew he was attracted to Tina, who is blonde and kind of pretty, but I knew he wouldn’t actually fuck anybody but me. It started out innocently enough. We only asked questions that weren’t too personal, and the dares didn’t amount to much. It was hard for Arnie to do dares while he was driving anyway. Gradually the questions got more and more personal, until eventually we were asking things like, ‘What was your most exciting sexual experience?’ and ‘Where was the most erotic place you’ve had sex?’ After a while I realized that I was getting aroused. It was exciting, sharing my secrets in front of my friend, and even more exciting hearing hers. I don’t know if Tina got tired of answering questions, or if she was excited too and was hoping things would go further, but at one point when it was her turn to choose truth or dare, she chose dare. Arnie dared her to take off her shirt and bra, and to my surprise, she didn’t hesitate. The moment I saw Tina’s bare breasts bouncing along with the movement of the truck, my pussy was drenched. Then she dared me to do the same. The pace of... read more


I am a divorced woman in my mid-30s. Carl and I had been friends since we were kids, but it had been years since we had spent any significant time together. There had always been some unspoken sexual tension between us, and I had heard from more than one mutual friend that he had spent a good portion of his younger years lusting for my firm, athletic body. But now that he was married, and a father of three, all that seemed long ago, even though I still found his dark eyes and playful grin sexy and exciting. Then one evening last December, just a few days before Christmas, it became obvious to both of us that the sexual tension wasn’t entirely forgotten. I had been invited to his house for dinner, and after the meal Carl and I lingered at the table while May, his wife, set about putting their kids to bed. As we heard her bustling around upstairs, Carl suddenly leaned forward and ran his hand up my thigh under my dress. “You know how much I’d love to get my hands on that pussy?” he whispered. I had drunk a liberal amount of wine with dinner, and although his sudden boldness surprised me, I also found it arousing. “Then what’s stopping you?” I teased, inching closer to him and letting his fingertips graze what he was craving through my panties. With his free hand, he pointed upward, indicating that what was stopping him was the presence of his wife. “I wish I could,” he replied with longing. “There would be no better Christmas present than... read more


My mistress has instructed me to write to you and tell you of the many changes that have occurred to me in the past year. Elena is my life, my love, my eternal everything. I observe her each and every command with absolute obedience. She is entirely responsible for all the happiness that now suffuses my life. When I first met Elena I was lost. I was married to a man whom I thought I loved, lived in a dreary little suburban apartment and worked as a temp for basically no pay. At that time Elena was an important client at the firm I worked for. Elena says now that the first time we met she was immediately drawn to my hot, lithe body. What I vividly recall is how those gorgeous emerald eyes virtually undressed me, garment by garment, as we spoke. Just talking with this intense, confident woman brought out feelings in me that I had never known I could experience. Even as I accepted her rather forward lunch invitation, I already knew who held the power in our relationship. I had never felt such total security in all my life. Before that beautiful day had ended I found myself writhing on Elena’s cool satin sheets, a wonderful contrast to the heat she created inside me. That was the first time I had ever been fucked by a woman, but I knew instinctively it would not be the last. Over the days that followed, my life began to evolve as our passionate romance spiraled onward. My mistress began to peel away the so-called truths of my life... read more

BOOTY TIME: As a relationship it was a dead end, but the sex was unforgettable

I think back fondly of Sally, one of my college girlfriends. She wasn’t beautiful by any means, but she was a lively girl and she loved sex. And the tales she told me about her erotic escapades before we met were unbelievable. I was thinking the two of us were “meant to be.” When Sally first got to college she planned to save herself for the man she married, but she found a serious boyfriend almost right away. Every time they saw each other they made out like crazy, but didn’t go all the way. Finally she got tired of giving blowjobs and decided to give herself up. But the sex wasn’t all that great (at least she didn’t get pregnant), and after a while they broke up. After that, Sally decided she’d better go on the Pill. When she went home for summer break, she went to her family doctor, whose wife happened to be his nurse. Since the nurse knew she was going to be on the Pill, she tried to set Sally up on a date with her son. (Nice to have your own mom for a pimp, I suppose.) Reluctantly, Sally agreed to the date, but it was a disaster—the guy wound up leaving her at a dance club. So she hooked up with a guy from the nearby military base. They got pretty hot and heavy on the dance floor, with the guy grabbing her ass and her rubbing his dick. Finally she remembered that she had to get home before curfew. So the guy drove her, and when he parked the car in... read more