August 2015 Penthouse Letters Issue

August 2015 Issue

In this issue:
– Video Inside
– Scandalous Tales Of Torrid Sex!
– Nympho Wife: Makes Hubby Oh So Happy!
– Stop Smoking?: How Will She Satisfy Her Oral Fixation?
– Erotic Massage: Rubs Her The Right Way
…and much, much more!
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True Confessions: Road Trip To Biracial Bliss: Part 1, Two-Stud Hookup

I am a married woman who delights in the fine arts of sexual pleasure. I’m a five-foot-one Southern belle with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and what my husband calls “a banging body.” Chris and I are members of the swinging community, and have been for some time. He relishes the fact that I experience sexual pleasure with other men, just as I enjoy knowing that he has fun with other women. Through swinging we have learned that our extramarital activities only strengthen the great love we have between us. Thanks to the Internet it’s fairly easy for us to find like-minded people. For example, that was how I first encountered Mary Lou, a gorgeous brunette who lives about 50 miles away from us. We corresponded for nearly two weeks before exchanging phone numbers. Through our e-mails and phone conversations, Mary Lou and I gradually opened up to each other about our sexual worlds, our shared bisexuality and our special enjoyment of making love with black men. There was no doubt in my mind that we would eventually meet and have some fun, and sure enough, about a month ago Mary Lou invited me to join her and two black friends of hers from the military base near her home. We agreed to meet the following Saturday evening at a motel halfway between our locations. When I told my husband about this, he eagerly volunteered to drive me to my rendezvous, saying that after dropping me off he would spend the time at a local strip club, then pick me up at the end of the evening. This... read more

Take her, she’s mine: He taped the action as his wife’s massage got wilder and wilder

Allison and I have been married for 13 years. During this time she has held on to her model-like figure; she is five feet nine and weighs about 125 pounds. Her hair is jet-black, falling to her shoulders. Her small breasts sit high on her chest, and her legs are marvelously long and shapely. Our friend Henry had just broken up with Irene, his girlfriend of several years. It had been a terrible breakup, with each of them dragging the other through the mud, and Henry was taking it quite hard. One weekend we invited him out to our cottage at the beach, hoping it would help bring him out of his funk. On his first night there Allison made a fabulous dinner, and afterwards we went out onto our deck for a bit of brandy. Henry was still inconsolable over the loss of Irene, and he had been morose all night. I was sitting in a chair, watching Allison on a sofa next to Henry as she tried to cheer him up. She was hugging him in a friendly manner, her arms rubbing back and forth across his back. His head was on her shoulder, and he was crying. It was a pitiful sight. After a minute Henry kissed Allison’s cheek and thanked her for being there for him. Allison hugged him a bit tighter, telling him that everything was going to be all right. It was obvious that it upset her to see our friend in this condition, and she began to cry as well. At that point Henry leaned over and kissed her on the... read more

Swinging & Swapping: He sees another side of his wife—and isn’t sure what to make of it

Last month my wife and I went to a party given by -acquaintances of her best friend, Maria, who works in the same office she does. Maria is single and quite attractive. She lives near us and is over quite a bit. She’s certainly not shy in the way she talks about her sex life, which appears to be quite active, or in her manner of dress, which is provocative. With a terrific figure, she wears the shortest possible skirts and most cleavage-revealing tops. Yvonne, my wife, also has a great figure, and after five years together I can tell you she’s no prude, but she isn’t as out front as Maria. Maria warned us the party would be “wild,” and while we didn’t know what that meant, we looked forward to some excitement. The night of the party I was late getting home from work because of traffic. I found Yvonne in our bedroom, in a robe, putting on makeup. I noticed a tad more eyeliner and shadow than usual, darker-red lipstick and stronger-smelling perfume. I rushed to take a shower, and when I came out of the bathroom, she’d already gone downstairs, having dressed faster than I would have expected. After dressing I went down and was shocked to see her in a black leather bra top with a buckle between the cups, leaving the upper part of her big boobs exposed, with a black leather skirt that stopped at mid-thigh and was held together by buckles that ran up the front of each leg. (She has terrific legs.) From the gap between the buckles it was... read more

Spotlight: Three-For-All PT1

My PC was on the fritz, so I brought it over to Nora’s to see if she could fix it. She was my best friend’s wife, and good with computer stuff. She was also a very hot little number, and I had been envying her husband for years. She was in her mid-30s, with short dark hair and green eyes, and she had a terrific body, with large full tits. She looked my computer over and said she might be able to do something, but that I would have to leave it with her. As I was going I told her how much I really appreciated what she was doing. Her reply surprised me. “Tom, I would do anything for you,” she said, and her voice said that she was talking about more than computers. We were in the hall, and she happened to be turned away from me at that moment. I didn’t even think, I just reached over, turned her around and kissed her. She didn’t resist. My tongue pushed between her lips as we pressed against each other. She was kissing me back, not fighting at all, as my hands cupped her ass and pulled her closer. I could feel myself getting harder and more excited. Finally I pulled back and looked directly into her eyes. “Anything?” I repeated. Nora looked back at me with a slight smile on her face. “Try me,” she... read more

Pursuit & Capture: Swapping with friends was a fantasy, till they made it real

Grace and I have been married for 19 years. We both enjoy sex, but as with many couples, after a time our erotic life had become predictable and somewhat boring. In an attempt to remedy this, we began sharing our fantasies with one another. When we went out, we would take note of an attractive couple, and when we got home that night we would fantasize about having sex with them as we fucked each other. This made for some very intense orgasms. I thoroughly enjoyed screwing a strange woman in my mind while ploughing my wife’s body. Often I would use a dildo on Grace’s ass while I fucked her pussy, as she imagined being taken by both me and the man we had seen earlier. She would come harder than she had in years. After a while we progressed to fantasizing about having sex with couples we knew, and as time went by we found our thoughts focusing on our best friends, Chris and Ellie. Chris had been a friend of mine since the early days, and I knew he had a really big dick. When Grace and I had sex, I would tell her to pretend I was Chris, with his large cock that would fill her pussy to the hilt. “Oh yes, Chris,” she would whimper excitedly. “Please fuck me with your huge cock!” Then I would fuck her with mine, pretending that it was Chris’s wife Ellie writhing and twisting beneath me. Ellie had actually been an old girlfriend of mine before she met and married Chris, and she was one of the sexiest... read more

Letter of the Month: A Double Dose of Island Heat

My wife and I had just celebrated our 20th anniversary and needed to get away for a week—for relief from job stress and from the horrible Midwest winter. We were empty nesters now that our daughter had started college, meaning we were finally able to travel! So we booked a week at a resort in the Caribbean. Then we came up against our age-old disagreement. I always say I wish that Nell wouldn’t dress so conservatively, and she says it’s not conservative, it’s just adult, and if I can’t get over my adolescent fantasies on my own, I should seek professional help. Be that as it may, I had bought Nell some sexy outfits that I hoped she’d wear, but for the first few days I had no luck. Once I backed off, though, she said there was a yellow sundress I’d bought which wasn’t too hideous and maybe she’d wear that for the excursion we had planned for Thursday. But when she tried it on for the first time that morning, she found that she couldn’t get any of her bras to work with the plunging neckline. (Though she’s only five feet two, she has beautiful ample breasts.) I suggested she just go braless! I pointed out that we were on vacation and it wasn’t like anyone we know would see her.... read more

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