In this issue:
– Video Inside
– Kinky! Wanton! Ball-Draining Tales!
– “Yes, Master!” She Yearns To Be Dominated
– Is Cheating The Answer To A Happy Marriage?
– Stripper Cop Has Her Assume The Position
…and much, much more!
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Letter of the Month: “YES, MASTER!”

About a month ago my wife and I were lying in bed reading letters in your magazine dealing with sexual domination. Renée became really aroused and we ended up having some of the hottest sex of our six-year marriage. She was insatiable! As we lay savoring our afterglow, I asked what had turned Renée on. After some prodding she admitted that for some reason the thought of being dominated intrigued her. Was I surprised! At the same time I was aroused by the possibilities. We talked about it quite a while, and when I asked if she really wanted to try it, she nodded. We decided to set up a safety word (“Montezuma”) so that if she didn’t like what was happening, she just had to say the word and everything would stop. The next night Renée got in bed wearing her red baby-doll nightie. I looked at her and said, “Slave, remove your panties immediately.” She blinked a few times, then realized what I was doing and said, with a smile, “Yes, master!” She pulled her panties down and gave them to me. I told her that from then on she was never allowed to wear panties. She replied, “Yes, master! Whatever you... read more

Salutations: Life’s One Big Party!

Greetings, faithful readers! Let’s jump right in and get started with our peepers, creepers and lookie-loos in Someone’s Watching. The curious and adventurous alike will love the tawdry tales our readers have shared in this collection of voyeuristic delights. We also have the conclusions to two of our hottest tales, in True Confessions and Spotlight. Our “confessor” finishes sharing her initiation into biracial bliss and the world of lust and longing it has opened for her. Spotlight picks up with the day after last month’s big threesome hookup, as the fun continues for our trio, with some surprise twists to spice things up. Throw in wild wives, gang bangs and cheaters and you’ve got a recipe for uninhibited, crazy-town lovin’! Have it had,... read more

My Most Unforgettable lay: Hot Young Studs & Lots of ‘Em

I still remember being left in stunned silence when Trish, my neighbor from two doors down, said to me that day, “Listen, Dorothy, if you haven’t had two men at the same time, you’re really missing out.” I should explain that for the first five years Christopher and I were married we had a fantastic sex life. He wasn’t one of those “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am” guys. Each time we made love, he made sure I went to sleep satisfied. Recently, though, both our jobs became more stressful and we’d found it more difficult to find quality time for each other. Our sex went down from daily to twice a week, if that, and even then seemed robotic. When we finally talked about it, Christopher suggested that maybe buying a sex magazine would stimulate us. I had my doubts, and the next day when he brought Penthouse Letters home I thought he just wanted to look at some naked women. But then I read a couple of the letters and saw the photos of all those men with nice hard cocks, and I became interested. We started reading a couple of letters each time we made love, and it was like when we were first married! Three weeks ago I had a girls’ night out with three neighbors, all in our early 30s. We went to a club and had a few drinks and even danced with a few guys who asked us, but that was as far as things went. The guys were sexy and everything, but I had no interest in fooling around on my... read more

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